Our Values


We personally believe that any help, no matter how little could make a huge difference in people’s lives. Every individual especially businesses should take an ethical stand by creating awareness on social responsibility in order to aspire others to do the same. If we thrive in creating a kinder world for the future of our children and generations to come, we first have to be the change we want to see in the world.

With that mission in mind, Whimsigirl’s #confetticampaign was created. Continuously from time to time, The Confetti Campaign will be funding and supporting different causes that we believe in and most importantly transparent and honest in how they run their operations. Our Confetti Campaign hopes to inspire people everywhere “to throw kindness around like confetti”











As of early 2016, “with every Whimsigirl garment purchased, we would feed 1 child for 1 full day” through Share The Meal.

Share the Meal is a crowdfunding app and campaign that fights global hunger. Initiated by United Nations World Food Programme, they are currently aiming to feed 20, 000 Syrian children refugees living in Zaatari Camp in Jordan by providing nutritious meals for 1 full day. According to United Nation Refugee Agency, Jordan is currently providing asylum to more than 750,000 refugees. 2016 will be their ’s 5th year away from home due to their country’s 4 years Civil War, and many of them live in dire conditions.

Of course, you don’t have to wait to buy our clothes to do good, we encourage anyone else interested to download the ShareTheMeal App and fund the meals from as low as $0.50. Bare in mind, any amount no matter how little you help even if it’s towards other causes count for something, at least they’re steps towards making the world a better place.