Everyday Face Mask

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be ready for our core series with the widest selection of colours to get you back in the mood!

Tried & Loved By Many

They are very comfortable for double masking. They cover and seals the inner surgical mask efficiently without being too tight (because of the adjustable strings)


These are honestly the most comfortable and breathable masks I've ever worn and they don't cause my face to break out!


Two Styles to Choose From

Style 1: Head Tie

The string position offers a secure and personalized fit - making it perfect for any adult's head size. When not in use, you can hang the mask around your neck.

Style 2: Ear Loop

Adjustable ear loop for a customized and contoured fit to be worn when leaving your house for essential tasks.

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They're the cutest masks that I own, but I also appreciate the functionality of they're adjustable take some pressure off my ears, and they're easier to pull up or down quickly.


Best balance of fit, comfort, breathability and adjustable ear loops.