EID 2018

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Everyday Girl's trusted best friend...

EID Girl

She's The Everyday Girl


Everyday girl's bestfriend

Thank you for breathing in something so minimally chic and cool to our already great baju kurung.

So much love to it!

Ilya Rusli

I love whimsigirl’s designs more than ever now as it caters to what I need in my wardrobe- purposeful, minimal and timeless designs. 

Melanie Hassim

From the material to function of the clothes,I fall in love.

Especially the handwritten notes!


I just LOVE everything about Whimsigirl


Siti Aishah

The pieces has great designs, breathable materials and comfortable.

I had a great end-to-end shopping experience!

Noor Diana

The kind of design that you can’t find else where. Excellence quality fabric and practical design made for both young girls and woman.

Hamizah Onn