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1 minute with our Everyday Girl: Elsa Asiah

1 minute with our Everyday Girl: Elsa Asiah

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1) How are you feeling today?
I’m breathing and that’s something to be grateful for.
2) What gets you out of bed everyday?
The sun, as cheesy as it sounds.
3) A current fave song that's on heavy rotation?
NIKI - Lowkey
4) What's your pick-me-up routine?
To write my feelings away!
5) Do you have a hidden talent or a secret passion?
I love cooking and hey who know I might end up being a chef.
6) If you could have lunch with an everyday girl, who would it be and why?
Leandra Medine, she inspires me a lot hence she is the founder of Man Repeller which is one of the biggest fashion blogs in the world. Since I want to be in the fashion industry and open my own business I feel like she would be very helpful on that.
7) Words that you live by?
8) What is a simple thing can you not live without?
9) How would you describe your personal style?
A mixture of Parisian and Indie.
10) What’s your fave item from the collection? Why?
This is the tough question. For NOW, the teratai set because it feels like your walking in a blanket yet you still look chic as ever.

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