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It's my everyday uniform!

I love my Utility and Laila top, wore them everyday, everywhere. I feel confident and safe in them :D
Please make them in more colors, perhaps in dots and stripes too. Thank you for caring us, the everyday girls!

Very puas hati

My order arrived at office yesterday's evening,
I have to wait until i arrive home before i can do the unboxing (the temptation ugh)
It worth the wait, i love my Laila tops so muchhhhhhh! :)

Smarty Pants in Mustard

Very comfortable. Will be wearing this for smart casual Friday and on the weekends.

Comfort par excellence

I have 2 Laila tops (one is the latest charcoal in a set) - love that it keeps me warm in my air-conditioned work environment yet my sweat does not stay trapped under my axillae when I step outdoors (armpits, Babes!)
I have 3 sets of the Ingrid; missed out on the green one and I wear them all the time at worker (wondering if I should donate all the other tops and sarong sets!!!)
The comfort is what I truly appreciate!

Simply the BEST

Whimsigirl makes me want to clear my whole wardrobe and fill it up with only Whimsigirl. I could wear them repeatedly Everyday. It really is for the Everyday girl. Everything about Whimsigirl is genius. Love the clothes, colours, packaging and the personal love notes that arrives with it. Thank you for your existence.

Comfortable and light!

I bought the Go to blouse in green & the Best friend shirt in dusty blue! I was surprised to see that the fabric wasn't thick at all. It was so light and airy, didn't restrict my movement and I was able to pair it with many of my existing items in my closet. Can't wait to get more!

Quality & price worth it!!

Loves the minimalist design. It’s so comfy!! But hoping in future they have for daddy’s collection as well. And I’m satisfied with their excellent customer service, speedy reply and get it done immediately!!! #SisSuka ❤️❤️❤️

spot on customer service

Customer service was spot on and the attention to detail was exceptional. I love the thot of you personally wrote the notes with my name written on it. I love the cloth bag too! (Did't get all these before as my 1st purchase was through FV for recent raya collection)

The BEST online store experience ever!

Love your mother-daughter pieces! Please always have it throughout the year! I love all your designs, simplicity at its best!

Loving all your outfits...making me awesome....

Great service with great reply ...n excellent thumbs up to the team....

Inspiring and Thoughtful Pieces

They are not only producing beautiful n comfortable clothes, but they are promoting the ideas of being comfortable in your own skin. Love that every pieces have their own stories and how it is relatable to every day girl. The gifts are all too cute. Praying that this company will achieve more in the future!

Customer oriented

I love the way u still write appreciation card for each customer and your humble reply and assistance on attending your customer request. Keep it up as i believe whimsigirl will grow to be the best and don’t change on this nature of ur speciality once u become bigger :). Always looking forward on your next project.. looking forward to pants and tops by ur brand .

Love it!

comfortable, minimalist, love the packaging & free gift!


Nice outfit and very comfy! suitable for hot weather in Malaysia hehe


The design is simple, minimal, classy and comfy. love it

Love it!

start to buy the pieces for my kids since 2016 and last year i bought almost all the colors for Laila (wear it everyday honestly) and Yasmin. and this year even spoilt with choices. i bought Hani and Sabrina, very comfy and really for everyday girl who moves around alot like me! bought another piece from FV however, there's no personalize note or gift. but i still love the pieces. hopefully you'll come up with just the Top for purchase like Laila last year as i love to pair them with pants most of the time.

Soooo niceeee

So comfortable yet stylish...

Friendly staff, great products

I love the piece that I bought! I went to the store which was a little remote, but the staff were very nice and welcoming, and the showroom itself was well designed. The one I bought is called Amirah and it’s extremely soft and comfy as well as versatile. Hoping to purchase from Whimsigirl again!

Major love!

definitely worth buying.

Comfortable And Highly recommended ❤️

I love the material and the design super duper comfortable wearing it. I love the packaging and the gift I’ve received. ❤️


i love it all, the packaging and the clothing design its so nice.

Very very recommended!

I was a lil nervous about the size and prices but I took the chance and I am thrilled I did. The item is beautiful, well made and very good quality. The unboxing experience, the gift I received, all is fun. I will definitely order again in future. Totally worth your money!

Love the material used

More design please


Very quick arrival and most importantly GREAT quality garments used

Simple and Comfortable to wear

Love the comfy and simplicity design. I have no issues wearing them