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1 minute with our Everyday Girl: Hanie Soraya

1 minute with our Everyday Girl: Hanie Soraya

1)What do you do?
My name is Hanie Soraya. I'm 25 years old and I'm a medical graduate / singer.
2)How are you feeling right now?
I'm feeling pretty ecstatic. Excited about the shoot. And I feel positive today, even though just now ada problem but all is well, all is well. Keeping a positive mind!
3)What gets you out of bed everyday?
I guess, the plans that I have for the day. My cat gets me up every day, by slapping me. (chuckles)
4)With paws or with his butt?
With paws. Thank God! If I'm lucky, he'll sit on me with his butt.
(cont.) What else gets me up everyday? Beautiful people. Beautiful Malaysia. The environment. The nature. Positive vibes!
5)What’s your current fave song on heavy rotation?
Lately! Lately lah, that I noticed, even my mum macam 'Tak habis-habis lagu ni'. In the car, I always turn on 'Seksis' by Anita Sarawak. It's a really empowering song! Ahead of its time. She's like an icon.
5)Tell me about your pick-me-up routine.
It consists of me waking up, brushing my teeth, wash my face, pat my cat (I'm a cat person!) What else? I'll probably make some tea.
6)If you could have lunch with an Everyday Girl, who would it be and why?
Alia Soraya! She's been wanting to have lunch with me. Actually, is it lunch or tea?I'm trying to make time for her. Besides that reason, I've been wanting to have lunch with her because she's just a positing person inside and out. She's loving and caring. Fun to talk to. She's inspires people. And that's my definition of an Everyday Girl - they inspire other people. They inspire themselves. I like to surround myself with people that exudes positive vibes.
7)Words that you live by with?
Be kind. Be honest. Be gentle. Also! Have faith in God. Work hard and also tawakkal, and if God's will, everything will be fine.
8)If thing's don't go your way, what would you do?
I follow the Islamic way. 3 things - Usaha, Tawakal, Reda. Whatever happens, you'd have to accept it. Maybe ada udang disebalik batu. There's a hikmah behind everything. Maybe one door closes and another ten opens.
9)What is a simple thing can you not live without?
Music and cats. I feel like the world is a whole lot better when there are music and cats. I mean just imagine living in a world w/o them. I know i can’t
10)How would you describe your personal style?
comfy eclectic vintage
11)What's your fave item from the collection? Why?
Too many to choose from but my fav one is hands down the green orkid kebaya


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