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1 minute with our Everyday Girl: Yasmin

1 minute with our Everyday Girl: Yasmin


1) What do you do?
I'm Yasmin Lane. I'm 30 and I'm a student. I'm studying city planning.
2) Do you enjoy what you're studying?
I do! I'm really passionate about cities and making it better for people. For women, for children, for different migrate groups. My goal is to make the city more walkable because I think it's the most lowest common denominator. Well, everybody can walk and there'll be access to wheelchair and pushchairs. I mean, accessibility and walkability is my thing.
Have you ever heard of Germany's sponge city? The way it's built is so that they could circulate and harvest the rainwater, keeping the city cool. Do you think that could be implemented in KL? Because it is such a concrete jungle, and the hot air gets trapped.
In a way, yeah we can. Remember KL used to have really bad flooding? And now it's a little bit better - we don't have flash floods as often anymore. Thanks to the SMART tunnel that collects the rain but we can definitely do more than that. Bangkok is a really good example. They have this park, depends on which time of the year it is, can be converted. Half of the time it's a park, and half the time during rainy season it collects rainwater and the park can actually tilt so the water can go to a retention pond. It's huge and Bangkok is an amazing city to compare to because it's a similar climate, culture etc.

3) How are you feeling today?

I feel great! I feel very comfortable. I've met some really nice people. Gives me a boost of confidence being around such nice people. I feel really, light because of the clothes. It makes you feel like you're walking on air.
4) What gets you out of bed everyday?
A lot of different things. Lately, it's been my cats. They won't stop meow-ing until you give them a cuddle. It's kinda lame that I'm a cat lady but my cats do get me out of bed.
Willingly or forcefully?
(chuckles) Depends! He'll just meow constantly until you give him a hug. So that's get me out bed. A little bit of sunshine helps as well.

5) What’s your current fave song on heavy rotation?
I saw John Mayer recently! In Bangkok. My husband's a huge fan. I've been listening to Daughters on repeat lately because it makes me feel nostalgic of the past. In Bangkok, it was a chronological set. We went through his life.
6) Tell me about your pick-me-up routine.
I would Netflix and chill. I watch a bunch of silly things. We're watching Parks & Rec currently. I'd put on a face mask and unwind a little bit. I actually like cooking! If I'm feeling really stressed out, it's like a constructive way to do something and make a mess, and you get to eat after. I have a husband to do the cleaning now so it's nice.
7) Do you have a hidden talent or a secret passion?
I wouldn't say it's a big secret but I picked up weaving a couple of years ago. I'm obsessed with carpets, I love carpets! It's my dream to retire and sell carpets. I just love them and how each piece tells a story. I'd make small designs because my frame is really small but I'd just put it on cards because I love sending postcards. A lot of my friends are abroad.
8) If you could have lunch with an Everyday Girl, who would it be and why?
The first person that comes to mind is - I watch Broad City, this TV show about these two girls in New York - and I think they're hilarious, I'd love to have lunch with them, Alana or Abby. (chuckles) It's not very inspirational but I think they're women who are my age, creative and they empower other women by being themselves.

9) Words that you live by with?
Lately it's been 'You got this'. I mean, how you talk to yourself is very important. It's something that I'm learning. The words that you choose to say in your head and how you say it. So I'd say things the same way I'd say to my friends.
If something doesn't turn out the way you expected it to be, what would be your solution?
I'm pretty good at letting go. So I'd say things like 'it's not meant to be'. Another quote I really love is by John Lennon 'Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end'
10) What is a simple thing can you not live without?
CHEESE. (laughs) I couldn't live without cheese. Life is not worth it.
11) How would you describe your personal style?
Very casual. Very much like just-got-of-bed-and-going-to-the-market kinda look. I've always got my hair up in a bun and I'm always walking around. My style is always very loose and comfortable. I have to have an umbrella, hat and sunblock in my bag. 
12) What's your fave item from the collection? Why?
I've been thinking really hard about it and I kinda want to get first dips when it comes out later. I like all of the stuff with pockets! It's a really nice touch. Maybe the set that we were in earlier, the loose tops. They're really suitable for our climate. I'm definitely getting one of those tops in yellow. I would totally wear all of these pieces with jeans. That's definite.

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