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5 Malaysian Female Artists You Should Know About

5 Malaysian Female Artists You Should Know About

It was difficult having to choose from the sea of Malaysian women artists but we had to simplify the talents into five to get to know about the painters, designers and dreamers of the art scene working with varied materials from watercolour, lights to coffee.
1.Bono Stellar a.k.a. Nawwar Shukriah Ali
The founder of the boutique turned platform for local artists, Stellar Studio as well as Stellar Design that displays her skills and talents in art installations and interior design; Nawwar is a graduate of architecture and created physical manifestations of  psychedelic art by experimenting with infinity mirrors, lights, acrylic and glass. She was involved with brands like BMW, Mini Cooper and L'officiel Magazine. Check out what she’s up to at
There is an eerie yet peaceful beauty in the artwork featuring women in white laces and dresses of this Bachelor in Fine Art holder. Raimi has always been interested in realistic expressionist facial works which can be seen from her solo exhibition, White Knight in 2017 where painted women posed as if in an intimate world. She had been involved in both local and international exhibitions like Art Expo Malaysia Plus 2018 and Art Kaohsiung with G13 Gallery.
3.Jasmine Cheong
With children playing inside a box of gigantic crayons with amusing labels like, “Noob” and “Swag”, Jasmine’s profile in her work has influences of surrealism and cheekiness. Her motto is to make art by returning to nature and what began from painting life-like pictures of owls using watercolour grew into making smiling children in play as her subject matter using oil and acrylic on canvas. Jasmine who has been listed in Maybank’s Emerging Young Women Artists 2018 also expressed that her reason for painting children is because of her previous job as an art teacher.
Known for her detailed arrangements and design of ordinary objects from shuttlecock feathers to coffee stains resulting in an other-worldly portrait of well-known people, Hong-Yi or “Red” has an eye when it comes to planning accumulated materials that would create her vision from her own studio, Red One Studio. Her artwork has been documented in the Wall Street Journal, TIME and New York Times and displayed at among others; the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco and Anchorage Museum, Alaska. Visit for her amazing portfolio.
Influenced by her Borneo heritage and culture, this Landscape Architecture graduate is a self-taught artist who made trippy and kaleidoscopic paintings that interlaces the subject of womanhood and florals. From skulls, traditional beaded headbands and multiple eyes in her artwork, there is a sense of darkness and femininity that beckons anyone to explore the artist’s mind. Having exhibited at Sabah Women Art Exhibition 2015 and her own solo exhibition in 2016, Mira’s interpretation of womanliness is more than meets the eye.
These women produce such different mediums of art and showed us that originality is admirable so never be afraid to express the real you and continue to be inspired by checking out more women artists in Malaysia!

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