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A guide to dressing for your body type

A guide to dressing for your body type

We believe a big part of looking good is also feeling good in your outfits, and that includes being happy with how everything fits. While there are no hard-and-fast rules on how to dress, there are certain tips and tricks for choosing a flattering silhouette for your body type. 

Let's go through the five most common body types and the styles work best for them. 

1. Oval body type

An oval body type (also known as the round or apple body type) is typically characterised by broad shoulders, large bust, smaller hips or an undefined waistline. 

Styles that flatter an oval body type: 

  • High-waisted bottoms to lengthen the legs
  • A-line skirts or dresses help to bring focus to the waist 
  • Tunics or oversized shirts will balance body proportions for those who more busty
2. Triangle body type

This one goes to all of our ladies with fuller hips because hips don’t lie! Also known as a pear-shaped body, triangle body shapes feature wider hips and thighs, and smaller shoulders.

Styles that flatter an triangle body type:

  • Collared necklines (example: v-neck, cowl necks etc.) to drive focus to the upper body
  • A-lines or maxi dresses and skirts to highlight the waist
  • Flared or wide leg trousers to balance the proportions of your hips 

3. Hourglass body type

With balanced proportions and a curvy waist, the easiest way to know if you have an hourglass body type is by having even bust and hip measurements.

Styles that flatter an hourglass body type:

  • Structured or tailored silhouettes
  • Fit-and-flare tops and dresses to highlight the waistline
  • High waisted trousers to elongate the legs

4. Inverted triangle body type

If your best assets are your shoulders, you’ve got an inverted triangle body shape. This body shape accentuates your shoulders rather than your waist and hips.

Styles that flatter an inverted triangle body type:

  • Narrow or asymmetric necklines (example: U-necklines, V-neckline or halter) to balance out shoulders
  • Fitted or tailored tops to highlight the waistline
  • Flared trousers like culottes, palazzo and harem pants to draw focus to legs 

5. Rectangle body shape

Also known as the athletic body type or straight body type, a rectangle body shape is represented by uniformed measurements with rather straight waistlines.

Styles that flatter a rectangle body shape:

  • Halter or rounded necklines to accentuate your upper body
  • Structured or fitted tops to highlight the body lines
  • Skinny or tailored tops to elongate the legs

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