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A Light-filled Morning with Nailah

A Light-filled Morning with Nailah

We spent one fine morning with Nailah Huda, Astro Awani Journalist with an interest in international affairs. 
Nailah shares that tenacity — that willingness to commute into work before the sun rises and being independent at anything that's thrown at her - helped her survive and excel in the hyper-competitive field of Journalism.
A typical work day for you…
Starts at 4 AM!

What makes you feel most alive?
When I’m in the spotlight and the adrenaline rush hits.

Having to appear on national TV is part of the requirement. How do you learn to deal with any gender and social pressures?
I remind myself of my purpose. Staying away from comments helps too.

Who or what’s your biggest influence?
Conan O’Brien for his effortless combination of intellect and humour.
What advice would you give to like-minded women that are interested in going into News broadcasting?
Female anchors have the advantage of their beauty, but are often taken less seriously. Find that middle ground between beauty and brains.

How do you think women can best use their words to empower themselves?
Speak, write, or sing to yourself words of praise. Don’t depend on others to do that for you.

What do you love doing even when you don’t have to?
Irresponsibly splurging on my loved ones. It’s a Leo thing.

5 women you'd Invite to your dream picnic party, dead or alive?
Yasmin Ahmad, Frida Kahlo, Rihanna, and my two grandmothers who have passed.

Who should we be following on Instagram right now?
@radcultureofficial to learn more about social issues and current affairs.

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