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Aishah Mokhtar

Aishah Mokhtar

I think what I like about the program is the realness of it. And I think that is very important, especially nowadays, and especially being like in the journey of motherhood. I think keeping it real is things I'm wishing that I can do. Especially have to be a mom. So I think the the concept of the everyday girl, the everyday woman, I think, that just resonate with so many people. So I think I'm being honoured that I can actually be on board in this project.

Personally, my mom, I think this because she's a survivor. And she literally is a survivor. When when I was four years old, she had a cancer. She was paralysed from bottom to down. So she has been on a wheelchair since I was like four years old. I didn't understand that when I was a kid, but then after being a mother myself, I even have my own kind of personal trauma when I had my first baby. I just think like, how did she go through it? Like, where did she even get the strength? So I think the fact that growing up with a with a different kind of idea of a mother,  that just built me into a different person. I think I became independent because of that. 
And I think also my sister, because I think whenever I need to make a decision in my life. I always can like refer to my sister because my sister is like eight years older than me. So she's sort of like my example. She just always make me questions, my life decisions, which is also very important. So yeah, my mom and my sister. Quite simple and straightforward.


I think just just being myself, I think like knowing my mom, as a very independent woman, I think I have that criteria as well, I sort of have that characteristic of being a perfectionist. So before I became a mom, I was a perfectionist, I have like a certain level that I set myself up. So like, if I didn't get to that level, I will be disappointed in myself. So I think after being a mom, everything just fell apart. Because that's just real life.
So for me, I think, just be kind to myself. Sometimes I put myself too much pressure. Like I feel like sometimes you're not doing enough, but actually I think nobody can take take better care of my boy than myself. So be kind to myself.

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