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Creative Talk Living With Aisyah Awan

Creative Talk Living With Aisyah Awan

Social media has allowed us, as brand, to tell our story and share our vision and passion with our community. It has paved the way for us to connect with our everyday girls in an authentic way!

Meet Aisyah  — a freelancer, film camera lover, travel aficionado, and a fellow mama to a sassy ginger cat (with it's own IG account, of course).


Your mantra in life.

Live a moderate life and always be considerate of your surrounding 🌍


Inspiration of the moment?

Currently it’s to explore, exploring new places, new skills, news inventions but also to revisit old places, old ideas and to look at it with a new perspective.



Favourite place in world? 
Southeast Asia! There’s so much growth and potential in this part of the world!


How do you think women can best use their words to empower themselves?
Words are very affirming, so to me if I am able to voice out my goals, it’s as well as I am able to achieve them.

Favourite thing about working with other women as a freelancer…
To watch other women bloom in their own creative way, with so much freedom and grace.

One skill that you’re focusing on this year
haha this isn’t really conventional but I want to pursue a career in the humanitarian field, specifically in the logistic area so I’ve been working on that.



Your definition of a modern woman.
A modern woman to me is a woman who pursuits affairs equal to her male counterparts, who is compassionate yet strong. We’re like the modern day Xeena the Warrior Princess!


I’m most passionate about.. 

Making this world a safer, a more resilient and sustainable place to live, for our current generation and our future generation.


5 women you'd Invite to your dream picnic party, dead or alive.
My grandma, Alice Aedy, Rihanna, Dickey Chapelle and Malala Yousafzai

Five items that I’d take on a picnic.
A speaker, a thermos of chai, my film camera, some homemade baked goods, & satay. (I love satay 😍)



A song, book, and movie that makes me happy…
Beat 54 by the jungle, somehow turns any day into a better day!

Fave Instagram follow : @naomishimada

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