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Behind The Name: Amirah

Behind The Name: Amirah

"I think being comfortable in my own skin means that I don’t have to worry about anything." - Amirah
Meet the Amirah behind "Amirah". Read on to get to know Amirah better and how she inspired one of our Eid Girl.

Hi. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Hi my name is Amirah. I’m a stay at home mom. I have 2 little boys that I love very very much.

What does it mean to be comfortable in your own skin?
I think being comfortable in my own skin means that I don’t have to worry about anything.

Which lady/girl inspires you the most?
I’m inspired by a number of them (ladies and girls) but I think I’m inspired most by my best friend, Juliani because she is the epitome of an everyday girl. She is strong. She is gutsy. She is funny and she doesn’t take herself seriously.

What makes you feel confident?
My loved ones. I feel most confident when I’m around my husband, my kids, my best friend.

What does it mean to be an everyday girl?
I think an everyday girl is someone who doesn’t really care about what people think of her or what she does. She does so with confidence. She stays true to herself. It doesn’t matter what people think of how she does things as long as she gets things done.

How did you know about Whimsigirl?
I was their first staff ever. When Whimsigirl started, Syazana needed help so I quit my job to join her and it was just the two of us at first. And whenever Anis came back from work he would join us and work at night, it will be the three of us, sometimes. Sara, Syazana's sister would join us during her summer breaks. It was like a family business back then.

What does Whimsigirl mean to you?
Whimsigirl will always be a part of me no matter where I go. Whether I come back or not after this, I will always be supporting Whimsigirl because it has been incorporated in me, sort of.


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