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Being the authentic you

Being the authentic you

When we think of branding, we immediately associate it to the first brand that’s on the top of our minds. For me, an example of this is Google. What does this say exactly? It shows that the brand has successfully built their name so well with whatever their identity is that when you think of a good branding, you think of them. Besides being the go-to for most of our technological needs, Google has equipped themselves with a brand persona like no other. You would recognise them immediately from their bold colours without even having the word “Google” in it and you would also become comfortable and familiar with their friendly user interface.

For brands, branding is crucial because on top of selling your products or a service, you are also selling the brand’s personality.

The loyalty and longevity of your community depends on the characteristics your brand portrays. As I become more and more aware of local and international brands around me, how I resonate myself most to a brand is their offerings beyond the products and services. When you think about it, these tangible items are short term because as a brand, you have to constantly think of what’s the next product within your market to sell. Of course, as a customer, when I love the product so much, I will keep using it until it’s been fully utilised. I think again of what pushes me to keep purchasing or staying loyal to a brand and that is the identity they portray for themselves. I appreciate brands who also find ways of setting their personality discretely either through their social media postings or through the tone of voice they use to depict their storyline on their captions or any type of copywriting for that matter. 




When it comes to personal branding, that only goes back to one person and one person only and that is us.

Like brands, we too have something unique that differs us from the rest. This could be a personality trait, a certain characteristic, our objectives in life, what we do or what we are so vocally strong about and the list goes on. With that, it gives us recognition towards our personal branding and from there, it’s up to us on how we decide to stay true to it. 

Our personal branding is what we’ve worked hard for and the characteristics you want people to recognise you for in between everything. In this digital day and age, it is easy for things to be replicated or in other words, copied. As a brand or an individual, we all get sad when that happens because our work is being used as someone else’s. However, what I’ve learnt is that when your personal branding is so real and genuine, the majority of the audience will immediately be able to associate you to it. 

Your branding is your own unique identity and this reflects back on how you choose to set your online or offline presence. To gain that identity, I also believe that we have to be confident with ourselves and accept that we believe in a certain way that we do and that we are not made for everyone. 



The crucial part of this is to be true to your principles and let that reflect to every other aspect of your life. When this happens, you tend to be more confident with yourself and your identity that generates your own branding that you carry. Whatever you do or create next will then be even more genuine and real to who you truly are ✨


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