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Botanical Decor with Greenlab: Create your own Propagation Planter!

Botanical Decor with Greenlab: Create your own Propagation Planter!

Imagine having a couple of your indoor plants growing bigger or longer and in major need of pruning session. Instead of throwing out your plant cuttings, you can propagate the plants instead and get a new set of plants from it, for free!

Growing plants from your own collection is always a bonus point. Propagation is a process of creating new plants and the usual way to propagate is either in water or soil. Propagation in water is always the favourite method as it is soilless medium and mess free!

Propagation planter as house décor.

With water as medium and the lush green from plant cuttings, isn’t a perfect combination for a small piece of green oasis? You will only need a few materials to create your own propagation planter and everything you can find within reach. 

1.     Recycled Glass Jars

I’m pretty sure you will have this material in your kitchen just laying around the space. Don’t throw away that empty huge pasta sauce jar or glass bottles after use. Clean the bottles and they are ready to be re-purpose for something special.

2.     Plants that can Root in Water

There are plant types that can propagate in water and there are plants that can’t.  The general idea is that most Aroids plants such as Pothos plants, Philodendrons and Monstera are the easiest to grow in water.

3.     Plant Cuttings

 Select your plant cuttings from a full grown healthy mother plant. Cut your plant with a sharp scissors (it’s important to have a clean cut or not it will disrupt the root growth) about 1-1/2 inches long or at least 3-4 leaves. Once inserted in water, the root will slowly grow from the plant nodes after a few weeks.

4.     Décor Tip

You can repeat the steps with different kinds of glass jars and plant cuttings. Think the more the merrier! Gather all the propagation planters in a box or bamboo tray and set it in the middle of your dining table as a centrepiece. My favourite would be to place it on your side table to make your reading corner look cosy and fresh!

There you go! Minimal yet chic house décor tips that you can easily do in few minutes for your home or office. 

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