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What Would You Tell Your Younger Self?

What Would You Tell Your Younger Self?

A good life is an intentional life. One that is filled with self-care, growth and perseverance to live– not surrender.
More often that not, we tend to be really hard on our past younger selves. Perhaps we don't really agree with our younger selves' self-destructive and out-of-control episodes. Maybe our younger self is cynical and make comments like 'I hate my life!'. The truth is, like the current parts of us, our younger selves serve an important role.
You might reconnect with your younger self by remembering what it was like to actually be a teen. What were you into? What made you sweat buckets at just the thought of it? What were your relationships like with your family, with friends, and just as important– how were you with you?
Rather than trying to ignore, control or punish your younger self, imagine being the support system they needed back then. "I see you. I hear you. I'm here for you." "I'm sorry." They may not be able to trust or take it in so easily. But that's okay. Remind them that as the adult, you have it covered (because you do)
Our #EverydayGirls at RIUH Raya 2019 unearthed intense feelings and memories at our interactive wall. Sending love to you all and your misunderstood younger selves.

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