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Declutter and Organize your space with Rebecca

Declutter and Organize your space with Rebecca

Meet Rebecca, our Everyday Role who is also Malaysia’s first KonMari® consultant. She is here to help you to kickstart your KonMari® journey at home. Let's go!





What is KonMari Method®?
The KonMari Method® is rooted in a gratitude practice. This type of organization allows us to define what sparks joy for us. It define what joy means to us individually. By being joyful and grateful it helps us to foster deeper connection to our community and all that we have.
What is the best way to declutter and organize our space at home?
The KonMari Method® goes by category and not by room. This is because when we do it by category, then we will be able to get a clear picture of everything that we own and have in order of it and also to ease yourself into the joy checking process, so that when you get into sentimental category, you will find it more effortless. 


How do I organize other things, such as kitchen items and other things that are not mentioned above?

Worry not as I have more special tips and tricks to share.

1. Kitchen drawer

One of the biggest lessons I have learned is to wait on my wants. As you can see in my IGTV that I did with Whimsigirl, I had my old configuration for three years and I just recently upgraded it.

2. Books

Organize your books by colour or by category. It is up to you. Find what sparks joy for you.

3. Have a home for everything

Create a home for everything. You will be able to train your family members to also return the items back to where it belongs.

4. Joy plus touches

After you declutter your home, get excited about joy plus touches. These are joyful items that fill you up with happiness everytime you see it. 

5. Hangers

Matching hangers instantly elevate a closet. I like using the slim type to save space, and the velvet ones to ensure that my clothing won't fall off of the hangers.

6. Donation bag

I keep my donation bag in my closet so that joy checking can be a daily habit. Anything that isn't suitable anymore, we will drop it into a bag. Once it is filled up, I usually go and drop it off at the nearest donation centre


Tidying can be quite a hassle, especiallly for working individuals. However, it is such an important thing to do as it sparks joy in our lives. With clearer space, you will have clearer mind. We are here to support one another on our tidying journeys. If you would like to learn more about  You can find more about KonMari Method®  Rebecca, you can find it here.

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