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Declutter Your Handbag – and Keeping It That Way

Declutter Your Handbag – and Keeping It That Way

Consider the number of times you go through your handbag over the course of your day, your week. We've all been there – when you're trying to find something in your handbag but it feels like a never-ending void. And when you finally find that sneaky lil item, you're so worked up. So why do we constantly put ourselves through these stressful situations? 

Let's get sorting!


Find a flat surface to start your decluttering process – your bed, the couch, the coffee table, the kitchen counter. Dump the contents out of your handbag and if there's zippered compartments, open them up so you get everything out of the bag. Yes, even that old Fisherman's Friends packet and old coffee receipt.



Receipts, food/mints/gum, makeup, hand cream, jewellery/accessories. Throw out any trash you don't need anymore – yes, the empty mint packet, receipts you don't need, expired coupons. Time to make more space for new and functional items!



If you happen to regularly change your handbag so it coordinates with your outfit, instead of buying twos of each basic item, sort these tiny items into small pouches that you can grab and move bag-to-bag.

And to keep it that way...

Make decluttering a habit. Either empty it out at the end of the day or once a week. Consider partnering up this new habit to something you already do. For example, after you sort out your laundry, immediately sit down and start decluttering. 

Once you have your handbag in order, you'll see the benefits right away. You'll feel more pulled together on a daily basis, move through life a little faster with less time searching and more time doing. The items you carry with you should always serve you purposefully and make your day-to-day easier.

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