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Diari Nona: Best View In The House

Diari Nona: Best View In The House

Diari Nona is a 6-part series by Whimsigirl to inspire and enable all to seek new ways of living and to never stop exploring. Two cameras (digital & film) were passed around between six girls to share a glimpse into their lives during this quarantine period at home.

Hi Natasha, please introduce yourself.

Natasha Gideon, 31, full-time real estate negotiator! Married to an architect so we mostly talk property except when we convene with our cat, Inca, then it’s mostly politics or fish prices.


What does your stay-at-home life look like?

My life even before MCO was about the same. I work from home most of the time, so it’s mostly coffee and work! On weekends or random weeknights I start decluttering and organising our home.


How are you finding inspiration while stuck at home.

I clean as a coping mechanism so I’ve been watching a lot of decluttering videos, watching a LOT of IG Live sessions! On Whimsigirl as well, duh! Everyone online has inspired me one way or another.


How have you been connecting with your partner these last few weeks?

A lot more couch potato-ing together and sleep-ins! It’s our favourite thing to do as a couple so this has been A BLAST!


A relationship advice that has been helpful to you during quarantine.

Don’t speak when you’re angry. Cool down and get into a rational headspace before assessing the root of the issue! Sidenote : couples, you may wanna re-think that studio unit idea, get a 1 bedroom unit at least. Just sayin.


What do you find best about your current RMO situation?

On productive days I get to maximise all my hours on myself or on work, and not stuck in a jam somewhere!


What do you do when you need a mood boost? Will you tell us about it?

I treat myself to my favourite drink or meal! Then I give my cat a treat so we all are in a good mood!


What are you listening to and watching at the moment?

Music: I’m rekindling old memories of me as a child by listening to “Higher Love” by Steve Winwood.

Shows: The latest season of Workin’ Moms!


Tell us 3 of your favourite IG accounts that brighten your day?


What’s one nice thing someone has done for you recently?

It was my birthday recently and I had so much food and gifts delivered to the house. Felt slightly less sad celebrating it without friends and family. Love you guys *cries into brownies*


What did you look for in the pieces you bought this EID?

  • Preloved and in good condition.
  • Comfortable
  • Can be reused as separate pieces!


How has your clothing style changed over the years?

More colours now, I will wear ANY colour as opposed to monochrome 18-year old Tash. My wardrobe is lighter, looser, and more sustainable insyaAllah.


How are you adapting to a different version of Raya this year?

Much less to think about and do so it isn’t difficult. I Just dont know if I’m prepared to mintak maaf zahir batin via Skype and possibly bawl like a baby. I’ll update ya’ll on instastory.


Do you have any family rituals you enjoy all together?

Tolong isi kuih dalam balang 🙁🙁 and on the day solat raya together and salam raya after. Wajib 🙁


3 comfort food that everyone should try this raya!


{All photos courtesy of Natasha, for Whimsigirl}

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