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Diari Nona: Digital Dinner Dates

Diari Nona: Digital Dinner Dates

Diari Nona is a 6-part series by Whimsigirl to inspire and enable all to seek new ways of living and to never stop exploring. Two cameras (digital & film) were passed around between six girls to share a glimpse into their lives during this quarantine period at home. 


Please introduce yourself.

I’m Nicole Rinai, turning 27 real soon but still a little child at heart .


What does your stay-at-home life look like? 

It’s not a major difference from my normal everyday life as I usually do most of my work at home (if I’m not out shooting) . However , I’ve been spending much more time with the family .


How are you finding inspiration while stuck at home.

By watching movies ! Especially the classic ones ! As well as looking at everyone else’s creative work during this MCO time. There’s a lot of interesting stuff out there.



How have you been connecting with your family these last few weeks?

It’s been really good. My family and I are pretty tight. We enjoy catching up during dinner and drinks together when we can (we also really enjoy our alone time too 😂). As for the extended family , we’ve been doing zoom calls and it’s been so fun and chaotic ! We’re a loud bunch of people.


Do you have any family rituals you enjoy all together?

Dinner time! We LOVE food, so we enjoy taking turns and cooking for one another. My favourite so far has been Mexican night.



What do you find best about your current RMO situation?

That I don’t really need to change out of my PJs everyday! 😂 Also dinner themed and movie nights (and the discussions after)


What are you listening to and watching at the moment?

On Netflix I’m rewatching Grace and Frankie! I just love the clash of the two characters. I think I’m a Frankie 🙃 As for music , I’m still loving the oldies from the 60s-80s. Just go on Spotify and search for All Out 60s, 70s & 80s 


What do you do when you need a mood boost? 

For me it’s kinda like recharging. So I would make myself a cup of coffee ~ bring it up to my room and lock myself in! Turn on some good music, face mask and maybe watch a good series! If I’m in a really sad mood, I’m lucky enough to talk friends and family that could encourage me and cheer me up.


 Tell us 3 of your favourite IG accounts that brighten your day?

@rickeythompson, @baydoucet, & @camillamengstrom. Just check their accounts and you’ll know why! I don’t think I will need to explain.



What’s one nice thing someone has done for you recently?

My partner knows how much I miss going to cafes for filter coffee , so he got me a range of coffee beans for me to have at home 😭💕


How are you adapting to a different version of EID season this year?

It’s definitely interesting, in a good way! Even though I won’t get to meet up with friends and family during this season, we get to stay in touch and have fun with it in different ways + I’ve never work out as much as I do now (zoom with friends). ZOOM HAS BEEN A LIFE SAVER.



3 comfort food that everyone should try! - If you’re craving for Mexican inspired food !

@donut_plan - Their donuts are amazing ! My favourite donut is the Homer Simpson .

@flouris_mah - She bakes really good fudgy brownies ! I’ve been getting them for friends and family.


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