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Diari Nona: From Sara, With Love

Diari Nona: From Sara, With Love

Diari Nona is a 6-part series by Whimsigirl to inspire and enable all to seek new ways of living and to never stop exploring. Two cameras (digital & film) were passed around between six girls to share a glimpse into their lives during this quarantine period at home. 

Please introduce yourself.

Hi, I’m Sara. I work as a barista. I brew coffee for living and I love my customers.


What does your stay-at-home life look like? 

Well, I still try to occupy myself. I wake up early in the morning, I stretch, I make coffee, I apply my spf and do some work.


How are you finding inspiration while stuck at home.

Fortunately I bought quite a few of magazines before this mco started. So I really take time to finish one. I will flip a page then google everything that I read. From there I found interesting blogs, cute Tumblr account and etc. I also sometimes find inspirations through watching cartoons!


What do you find best about your current RMO situation?

For me the best-est thing about this MCO is I have time for myself, I have time to develop what I am into, I have time to discover what I like and dislike, I have time to experiment some hobbies.


What do you do when you need a mood boost? Will you tell us about it?

This is actually pretty hard since I think most of us will feel the lowest and we somehow need to allow ourselves to feel so instead of being all positive. BUT, what I do normally, I will wear my sport attire and do little exercise at home. And sometimes I will text and check out my friends and send silly memes!


What are you watching at the moment?

I love Modern Family! They're fun!


Tell us 3 of your favourite IG accounts that brighten your day?

@baydoucet, @optimistcoffee, @snackfood.


What’s one nice thing someone has done for you recently?

Last few days was my birthday! Got flowers and chocolate from my best friend! And also I really like when Ilaika’s staff holds the door for me. It's nice! ❤️


What did you look for in the pieces you bought this EID?

I always prefer something breezy and airy.


How has your clothing style changed over the years?

Yes, sometimes I wanna go nude colours, sometimes I wanna go all colour blocks.


3 comfort food that everyone should try this raya! Tag their business IG accounts so that we can help support.-

@sucreebypreeta for her almond sable

@jaslyncakes for their earl grey chiffon

@ana_patinhouse for their lauk and kuih




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