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Diari NONA Whimsigirl

Diari Nona: Raya Jamming

Diari Nona is a 6-part series by Whimsigirl to inspire and enable all to seek new ways of living and to never stop exploring. Two cameras (digital & film) were passed around between six girls to share a glimpse into their lives during this quarantine period at home. 


Please introduce yourself.

Hello I’m Syakira, sometimes a model, most times I design, and mother of plants. 



What does your stay-at-home life look like?

It has been looking a lot like comfort, care, self contemplations and family 🙃


How are you finding inspiration while stuck at home.

I like to go inhale some garden air, maybe talk to my cats about their day and well my Pinterest boards have been seeing a lot of new pins lately.


How have you been connecting with your sister these last few weeks?

Through baking and just hanging out more, which we didn’t really get to do until lockdown happened.


What do you find best about your current RMO situation?

Just realising that there is so much time to do a bunch of things. To learn that new instrument, kick start my yogi dreams and even just taking minutes of the day for some space for self.



What do you do when you need a mood boost? Will you tell us about it?

I’ve been hopping back into doing at-home workouts and that’s been helping, but on lazier days I blast my dance party playlist and start solo dancing in my room.


What are you listening and watching to at the moment?

Right now it’s sendu hours so tuning into Allester Shaun and I just finished rewatching Our Planet on Netflix because I really miss nature.


Tell us 3 of your favourite IG accounts that brighten your day?

@yukikawae, @briscoepark, and @andramatin.


What’s one nice thing someone has done for you recently?

My bestest friend sent over some really good angku kueh after i told her i’ve been craving it and she’s the absolute best for it.


What did you look for in the pieces you bought this EID?

I go for comfortable pieces that are  timeless cause raya clothes will always get recycled if not by me, then by my other three sisters


How has your clothing style changed over the years?

I’ve definitely gotten fond of thrifting odd pieces, and sort of piecing up different looks around them. I usually just dress by mood and whatever persona i feel like channelling that day


How are you adapting to a different version of Raya this year?

It’s super special this year because Raya is also mum’s birthday and getting all this family time in is making it super wholesome. 💕


Do you have any family rituals you enjoy all together?

The highlight of every Raya is definitely us coordinating for our Raya family picture. We started going crazier with poses and props it’s a whole competition now for sure.


3 comfort food that everyone should try this Raya! 

@the_littlepantry for innovative angku kueh with pumpkin goji skin

@browniepointsbyivy for bomb bakes

@normalpeoplecoffee for cold brew cause you need a pick me up after all those lemang


{All photos courtesy of Syakira, for Whimsigirl}

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