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Weekend date ideas for you and your besties!

Weekend date ideas for you and your besties!

If you and your friends are running out of things to do every weekend, here's a list of things that you could do for a little dose of dopamine!

1. Self-care day

It’s always important to wind-down, especially after a stressful week. So treat yourselves to a day full of self-care whether it’s a walk at the park or eating a well-deserved meal at your favourite restaurant!

2. A night-in

Throw a cute little pyjama party with your friends once the weekends roll in, because why not

whimsigirl pick me up totebag pmu bag
 3. Attend a creative workshop

Brush up your crafting skills by booking a fun workshop for you and your friend, because you'll never know when it'll spark a new hobby. Express your creativity either through pottery-making, resin art or even tufting!

4. Soak in the sun!

Whimsigirl sunny day out with friends hot weather cycling weekend activities with friends dopamine duffel out of office

For the sporty girlies that like to move around, there's nothing better than to take advantage of the weather to get some Vitamin D! Some of the things that you could do to keep you going:

  • Take a trip down to the beach with friends
  • Go for a hike or run somewhere new 
  • Rent a bicycle at the park and cycle away!
  • Grab some coconuts and stay hydrated 🌴☀️
5. Cafe-hopping 

Go to all the new spots in town and have a heart-to-heart conversation over coffee—or you could pretend to be a coffee snob with your best friend.

Whimsigirl Bag Dopamine Duffle Pink Green Blue Coffee cafe date with friends day out

6. Visit museums 

Tap into the world of art and history and widen your knowledge at the museums near you! (and you could have your little Y/N moment too..)

museum date with friends day out with friends activities to do with friends whimsigirl dopamine duffel bag whimsigirl victoria skirt whimsigirl victoria blouse  whimsigirl out of office oversized stripes hanging out with friends museum date

7.  Play tourist

It's always fun to be tourist in your own city since there's so much to see. So maybe try to skip the car ride for once, get on the train and start exploring!


8. Quiz night

If you and your friends are the competitive kind, then this will be the perfect activity. Quiz your friends on pop culture or general knowledge and see who knows more! 🧠

9. Dress up for fun

One of our many goals in life is to live like Barbie— so one fun activity you could with your bestie is to style each other or do a little style swap, then flaunt those outfits when you go out!

10. Visit local events and marketplace

If you're getting a little tired browsing around the mall and leaving empty-handed, pop-up stores and weekly themed marketplaces have been a hit these days! Drop by one on a weekend, even if you're just window-shopping. 🛍

whimsigirl store community event pop-up store

So which activity will your dopamine booster this weekend? 🌼

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