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A Recap: The Everyday Role Model Event

A Recap: The Everyday Role Model Event

If you’ve been keeping up with our posts, then you’ve surely seen a peek of the 4th intake of our #EverydayRoleModel program!

Over the week, we had a little get-together for the girls to meet each other and learn more about each other, and this is how it went..

Setting up the event space 

The day before the get-together, we went to Pohutukawa Coffee to start setting up the decos and the Dopamine Duffels and Pouches around the cafe. Yummy coffee and bagels were apart of all the hard work and beautiful displays—of course.

And so it begins!

The girls slowly started coming in at noon and registered their names at the window as soon as they arrived. They were also able to pick a Dopamine pouch of their choice upon registering!

Before proceeding to order their coffee and choose their snacks at the counter, they’ll receive a numbered sticker which will play a part in their ice breaking session later on.

Whimsigirl Everyday Role Model Ambassador Program ERM Program Community Event Role Models Cafe Coffee Friends

While the girls were chatting it up and mingling around with each other, we prepared and set up the ERM folders (which included a crossword puzzle, a word search, an alumni booklet, a special ERM keychain, and a (wo)manifesto) on the tables of the classroom area. 

Once everything was ready, it was time for the girls to enter the classroom in pairs and sit next to the person with the same numbered sticker that they received during registration. 

As they take a seat and unfold what was inside the ERM folder, pens and pencils were handed out while Sarah walks them through the activities that the girls will be doing.

The first activity was an ERM version of a crossword puzzle which they had to solve in pairs. It included questions and clues about the role models, and the things that relate to them such as their professions, hobbies and even their favourite songs!

The atmosphere got even more intense and competitive when it was informed that the first and fastest pair to finish the crossword stood a chance to win a Dopamine Duffle of their choice! (Spoiler alert: The lucky winners were Iyza and Nadine! 💞

Moving on from a very intense game, the second activity was more of a wholesome activity—where the girls will do a word search and write an essay about being a “Woman in Progress” with the first three words that they found in under 10 minutes. 

Once they were done pouring their hearts out into the essay, each of them had to stand up and read it to everyone in their room. All sorts of emotions were felt while they were sharing their heartfelt, empowering pieces—tears and laughter were involved too! 

All of the girls had a mini photoshoot sesh for their Everyday Role Model portfolios afterwards, then did an interview with the socials team (which will be released very soon, stay tuned! 👀)

Being a Woman In Progress 

As we walk through another year of experiencing new adventures with new people, we have to take a moment to remind ourselves of how valuable and important we are in the midst of growing to be better women, and better individuals.

The reason why Whimsigirl holds our Everyday Role Model program and ambassadors so closely to our hearts is because we believe that everyone has a story to tell, and that these are the people we can look up to everyday when we struggle to find that shine within ourselves. 

Anyone and everyone can become an everyday role model—but what's your own definition of being a woman in progress? 🌷

See our event recap here! 🤍


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