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Catching up with our Everyday Girl: Alyssa Johaan

Catching up with our Everyday Girl: Alyssa Johaan

Hi Alyssa! Let’s start with an intro. Who is Alyssa Johaan? :)
Hi Whimsigirl team! I am Alyssa - 23 years old, 
born and raised here in our tropical city, Kuala Lumpur. I am a social media marketing strategist and I also create content for brands as well as for my own page :) 
What has it been like working from home right after graduating?
 It has been a whole lot of learning experience for me these last few months since I graduated from my Masters in August. I feel like I am constantly chasing to learn new things especially in the field of what I do since it is very fast-paced. With it being a fast-paced nature, comes the challenges that you would also have to adapt to and for me it’s been more of a learning opportunity than anything. All in all - it has been good! In some way it also feels refreshing to be challenged and observe how I’m also able to deliver better in what I do. 

What would you say are habits that have set you up for productivity especially during this pandemic?
Definitely my habit of constantly organising/colour coordinating my Google calendar even when I don’t need to.. 
What's the one common misconception that people might have about you?
I get a lot of people thinking I am older until I tell them what year I was born or the year I completed my SPM papers… and then they do the maths hahaha 
You're wise beyond your years, what do you think contributed to that?
I want to think that it is because I’ve always been quite confident since I was young. I was never really shy or timid and I just wanted to do everything in school or out of school. With that I think it has helped me over the years to also realise my own identity - what I like, what I don't, what I believe in etc and I am very strong to that as well as to the principles in mylife. I am also the eldest and the only girl to 4 brothers so they also toughen me up. 
Why do you think personal branding is important and how do you think someone can start doing so?
I think it is important because it is your own identity and what you reflect with the most. In this digital era where things can easily be replicated, it is important to notice what sets you apart from others and working around your unique niche. It is the true and most authentic form of us that truly creates our own personal branding. 
What do you use your social media for and how does this relate with your overall goals?

I use my social media as a platform to showcase what I genuinely enjoy and create but at the same time, as an outlet to use my voice and share what's important to those around me. With that, I am also able to stay aware of what's happening, learn more and also make friends within the community with those of the same curiosity and interest. 

I hope that it is not only my content creation or pictures that shows a reflection of who I am but also the important matters I raise awareness and stand up for. I believe that content creation goes beyond just images but it is also your voice that you create for yourself. 

I want to always be able to create beautiful images that reflect my creativity and dreamy imaginations but to always push stronger alongside that and use my voice with this platform.



There are so many important social justice and human rights issues being brought to the light, how do you decide what to use your platform to highlight?


It is so important for me to read and really understand the issues that’s being highlighted because anything can be said these days. I constantly make it a point to read over and over again whether it is through news articles or even from listening to podcasts about the topic before I decide to share it. I do not believe in just reposting or resharing a certain topic just for the sake of it without truly educating yourself about what is really going on and how you can use your platform to bring awareness for that matter. I always think about what I’m posting, why I’m sharing it and what is the objective of me sharing or highlighting the matter. 

What do you want the future of Malaysia to be and how can you help with this?

I hope that we will be able to be more comfortable and confident talking about certain topics that may seem hard, sensitive or uncomfortable at first but these are the topics that needs to be discussed and talked about in order to build awareness, share the matter, educate each other and see how we are able to slowly change things even if it starts from the very bottom. 


I hope to be able to create a platform where we can come together, share our interests and be open to talk about these necessary issues and see how we can build a community that can help. It cannot happen overnight but slowly, with the right mindset, company and attitude, we could probably provide the support needed. 


Biggest goal this year?

I hope to push myself further in terms of my career -- step out of my comfort work bubble and try new things that will challenge and test my creativity level. 

Out of all the books you've read, which ones stood out?

I’ve probably shared this a few times already but it has to be A Place For Us by Fatima Mirza. There was just something about this book that I felt like I could also relate to with the main character being the eldest and having that level of responsibility for her younger siblings. It was so beautifully written and I really felt for what the author was trying to convey. Another book I have to highlight is Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson that opened my eye to the issues of racism and social-injustice. The hard work over the years Bryan Stevenson did to fight for these wrongly convicted men because of their race and colour was truly exceptional.


The worst place you could get stuck?

This is actually a good question…because I’ve never really thought about this before.. Maybe in an elevator in a really tall building and you just so happened to be stuck on their last floor haha so you have no access to calling anyone and the alarm button doesn’t work either.. But you’d probably get a lot of thinking done though!


Best compliment you've ever received?

I want to say it is when it is being complimented towards my personality and charisma or when it is about what I create on my platform and how they like it that I share more beyond just “pretty” content but also the reality of the world and that is also why I think it’s important for me that the content I create is a reflection of who I am and what I stand for. 


Best advice you've gotten?

It was by my dad before I left for university. It was simple and I also realise now how definitely clear cut he was but it was to enjoy this moment, let your mistakes be lessons for you to grow and live independently and always be grateful for what you have and notice that.


What's your primary love language? (refer here)

Quality time! I definitely love spending quality time with the people I love and care about and it doesn’t have to be anything big or fancy at all. It can just be the two of us catching up on the phone/FaceTime or just sitting at one spot and just going on and on about everything. Recently, with the pandemic I am now apart from friends overseas so our Zoom sessions really makes up for it and I appreciate every time we do get to do it.




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