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Be More Sustainable this Ramadan with Emma

Be More Sustainable this Ramadan with Emma

Meet Emma, our Everyday Role Model and mother of two who has been passionately practicing a sustainable lifestyle for quite some time now. Intrigued by her effort on sustainability, she shared with us her journey and tips on how to become more sustainable.   

When did you start practicing sustainable lifestyle and why?

I started practicing a sustainable lifestyle since 2019. My friends and I were at a cafe, and we were talking about what we could do to save the Earth, so we came across this lifestyle and wanted to give it a try. After doing some research, I started reducing plastic usage and I continue to practice that up until today. I am far from perfect, but a zero waste chef, Anne Marie once said, “We don’t need a handful of people doing it zero waste perfectly, we need millions of people doing it imperfectly”.

What do you usually bring outside? (in this current season, bazaar Ramadan)

One thing that I must bring with me is Whimsigirl’s reusable tote bags, jars for me to get drinks, containers to tapau food and a few reusable zipper bags. For people who are just starting to practice a sustainable lifestyle, please do not buy new things. Re-use whatever that is available at your home.

Can you share with us some tips to become more sustainable?

Becoming a more sustainable person is not easy, but it’s not hard either. I will make a list on some tips you could follow:

  • Reduce. Always plan ahead before purchasing to avoid impulse purchasing. When you plan you to buy, you can try to rent or borrow first
  • Reuse. Use what is available at home such as containers, jars and reusable tote bags.
  • Upcycle: upcycle your old belongings into new ones. For example you old clothes can be upcycle into a tote bag.
  • Repair. Instead of throwing out old furtnitures or old clothes, you can opt for repairing them until it can’t be saved anymore.
  • Support sustainable and ethical businesses. Why? You know that you are spending your money to an organisation that contribute to a good cause.                         

One last tips from me: just do your best. It could be hard sometimes, and there is no such thing as a perfect zero waste lifestyle. I made a checklist of things you could try to become more sustainable!

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