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Everyday Girl Is...

Everyday Girl Is...

Oh, I’m just an everyday girl. Normal,” sometimes we say this nonchalantly and shrug it off thinking we’re ordinary. We seem to only see ourselves one dimensionally; “I’m just a mother”, “Oh, I’m not doing anything extraordinary. I’m a student,” “I’m not special. I’m just me.” But, take a moment (I promise it will be less than a few minutes) and reflect on the things we did and who we are.

Didn’t you just beamed proudly seeing your eldest child at his or her first kindergarten concert after practising at home with you? Didn’t you get a greenlight for the topic of that thesis you’ve been going over for days? Didn’t you have a great time with your friends after spending an evening playing laser tag?

None of those things are normal. These experiences are new, refreshing and moments that would undeniably make you smile out of the blue (or capture it in a witty post on social media). It could be as simple as a pleasant trip you planned with your family to the zoo or two-days camping near a waterfall. It could also be making a zine (a mini-magazine) with your own words and design and then daintily illustrated with your doodles.

There will always be an instant celebration of your life once you truly look for the special moments. There is really no need of reference to others, no requirement to compete with the other person, not compulsory to be the best of the best as long as you’re the best of you. So here’s to you; the everyday girl who is bold and content with only yourself as a benchmark because no one have lived your life but you so only you could understand and love your true, unabashed self.

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