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Peek into Mawar Musfirah life at home and what motherhood means to her.

Peek into Mawar Musfirah life at home and what motherhood means to her.

A mother of one, Mawar shares how she manoeuvres motherhood with grace and how to share joy with others.

Hi Mawar! Let’s start with an intro. Who is Mawar Musfirah? :)
A domestic engineer aka a stay at home mum of one (and two angels). Love what I do! Never a day I regret quitting my job 3 years ago.
What have you doing more of, and less of, since the first quarantine started
I’ve been cooking a lot more these days and trying out new recipes. And a lot less of yoga sadly. I’m just going to be honest here, consistency is something I’m lacking when it comes to exercising. Gotta find the time (or effort really).

What's the one common misconception that people might have about you?

That I am or look unapproachable? Come on guys! But actually half of me thinks it’s a quarter true since my awkward shy self does take some time to warm up.

When you think of a perfect day, how would it look like? (the sky is the limit!)
I appreciate small things so a perfect day would be waking up first before anyone else, have a cup of coffee with absolute quietness - I love a peaceful morning. It really helps set my mood for the rest of the day. Otherwise, I am pretty much content! I try to think that everything happens for a reason or that God is trying to protect me from something if things were to go haywire. Not much of a dreamer huh!


Self-care comes in many forms. What's YOUR version of self-care?
Is reapplying your sunscreen considered as self-care? For me, skincare is also a form of self-care. I really do enjoy doing my skincare routine as it feels slightly meditative. Have some music on whilst doing it and voila! Free therapy! I just love that moment tho - it’s only ten minutes but it really helps me gain composure after all the shenanigans. And I also feel like it is very important for you to just take a time off for a bit - be it from soc med or your child/ren even. Keep your cup full so that you have a lot of joy to share with others. That’s my mantra. Never be shy to ask for help. You gotta put yourself first too in order to function better.
You just completed your latest project: your home! What were your favourite and least fave part of the entire process?
Favourite part is obviously getting the keys to our first home! That’s all that matters. Nothing beats having your own place. I put my trust on my husband during the design process so most of the time he’s the one having to crack his head lol. We mostly agree on the same things so I am very glad! The only problem is spending money on things we didn’t anticipate. So that’s definitely my least favourite part. It does get overwhelming. Gotta be realistic on your budget and you can’t get everything done in a go. A reminder to self: take it slow!
What's a tip that you can give anyone that's thinking about redecorating their home?
Choose the correct lighting guys. It really helps set the whole ambience of your home. Get a standing/table lamp for a start. Don’t just rely on your ceiling lights. I am no designer myself but you gotta know what you want and just focus on achieving it. Prepare a mood-board. It is easy to get swamped with the amount of trends out there so be firm with your decisions! Have fun :)

Top 3 things that your role as a mum have taught you about yourself?
Motherhood has taught me how to appreciate myself even more. Even a SAHM, I take pride in what I do. It’s a non-glamorous job but to my family, I am important! With that said, I’ve also learned that it is crucial for me to take care of myself; mentally and emotionally especially. Because at the end of the day, despite all the chaos, I just want to keep on choosing love and by doing that, I am being the mom that my child needs. (And yes, you’re also allowed to be a Momster and that’s okay)
What do you enjoy most being at home with the family?
I’m such a homebody! Being at home with the people you love is a true blessing, most of the time we’re just vibing in the kitchen, eating snacks, talking about future plans and reminiscing the good ol’ days when Covid doesn’t exist.

What is something that you would tell your younger self?
I have a habit of doubting myself. So one thing I’d defo tell the 16-year-old me is to lose that! Stop doubting yourself, have confidence and be a bit more adventurous girl!


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