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A huge advocate of all things minimal, Sian Chiew shares why she is passionate about life

A huge advocate of all things minimal, Sian Chiew shares why she is passionate about life

Hi Sian! Let’s start with an intro. Who is Sian Chiew? :)
I've always been passionate about life; going out into the world and actually doing things rather than just dreaming & thinking about the what-ifs. Living life to the fullest with no regrets.
A huge advocate of all things minimal, from skincare to clothing to the way I live my life. I definitely agree with the saying, "less is more". I think staying grounded and down to earth is important and it's definitely one of the top values I’ve instilled in myself to always have.
Can you share with us what you do for a living?
I own a natural skincare brand called Root Remedies, selling clean & vegan products that's kind to the skin and to our planet.
What's the one common misconception that people might have about you?
Many, including my own team members tell me I'm quiet and quite unapproachable at first but I'm actually really friendly! It just takes a little time for me to come out of my shell. 
I may come across as quite "soft" because of the way I look and speak but I'm actually very tough on the inside, tougher than many might think. My childhood experiences definitely played a role and made me the independent person I am today. I also really love challenges and am calm whenever it comes to solving problems — something not many expect.
When you think of a perfect day, how would it look like? (the sky is the limit!)
I'm literally living my perfect day every day haha. 
It consists of waking up early and having a good breakfast, usually at my favourite kopitiam (pre-pandemic). Mornings that start this way gives me a clear mind which preps me for the day ahead. 
Aside from the way I start my mornings, whenever I tick things off my to-do list, it gives me a great sense of achievement for the day. When it comes to work, I value balance and don't believe in the typical 9-5 routine. My team and I usually wrap things up around 4:30 and I would practice Capoeira whenever I can, usually 3 times a week. It's a form of martial arts from Brazil and I've been practicing it for 8 years now. It's a great distraction from any work-related matters. Playing the guitar is as well and I've recently been getting into it!  
After a long day, ending it with a home-cooked meal is the cherry on top. I enjoy cooking and I wouldn't choose any other way to end the day. 
That's basically how my days go and I'm so grateful!

What are your skincare philosophy and can you share with us your skincare routine?
As I mentioned earlier, less is definitely more! Never overdo it & always listen to your body. I love skincare (as you can tell haha) and my favourite type of products I always incorporate into my routine are face oils! 
My morning routine basically consists of these steps:
Cleanse --> Tone --> Moisturise -> Treat 
I would cleanse with our Pure Castile Face Wash and then go in with a toner,  usually, our Neroli Face Mist (which is also great for setting makeup). Next, I moisturise with an oil-based on how my skin is feeling, I would usually go for Dewy Oil because it's so hydrating & smells great! Another reason why it's my fave is because it preps my face for makeup.Then I finish off with an eye serum to brighten up the under eyes  — that's it for my AM routine!
For the night time, I remove my makeup using our Gentle Oil. I discovered how great it is as a remover, it works amazingly and its light texture is a bonus. After this step, my routine is the same as the AM with addition of Sea Buckthorn Pure Oil for an extra boost; I wake up with glowing skin whenever I use it!
What was the journey behind Root Remedies and What makes it stand out from the rest?
I used to suffer from acne and had dull-looking skin. I spent a lot on different products and even practiced the infamous 10- step routine to try to find a solution but nothing worked. It was a real struggle for me to find products that actually work until I discovered oils! They're so versatile, convenient, and they give real results! It then made me realise how effective minimal skincare can be. I started introducing them to my family and friends and it worked great for them too. That's when I started thinking about starting my own brand starring these amazing oils.

The most rewarding thing about your journey with Root Remedies?

There are so many rewarding things about my journey with Root Remedies but my number one would definitely be seeing and hearing how happy our customers are when our products work & give them the results they were looking for.

In this uncertain time, everyone has their own way of finding comfort. What is your self-care routine?
Music can be a great distraction and an amazing way to relieve stress. During this time, I turn to it whenever I need a pick-me-up. Sometimes I would play the guitar the whole day and it makes me feel so good. I've also always had a passion for physical arts. I've been very into martial arts for the past few years and my next goal is to get into dance! Finding something you love to do and investing time into it can definitely make this time a little easier. Like most people, I feel the most relaxed and happy when I'm doing something I'm passionate about.

For someone that is new to Root Remedies, what’s a good product to start with?

Our Pure Castile Face Wash, Gromwell Squalane Gentle Restoring Face Oil, and Turmeric & Lemon Eye Serum are products that are great to kickstart one's RR journey.
Pure Castile Face Wash is a great cleanser that works for all skin types — definitely one of the main reasons why it's one of our top selling products. 
Gentle Oil is very hydrating yet ultra-light, great for those who are new to oils.
Our Eye Serum brightens up the under eyes and is so easy to use thanks to the convenient roller.

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