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Let's get creative with Craft at No 7

Let's get creative with Craft at No 7

 Meet Mavic Tan, the creative behind Craft at No 7 as she shares what drives her to open her workshop studio.

How would you describe Craft at no 7 in one sentence

A place for you to learn, explore and connect with your inner creativity

How many types of workshops do you have under Craft at no 7? and if you could only choose ONE to teach for a year, which one would it be and why?

Craft at No.7 has about 12 to 15 different workshops running every month. If I can only choose one to teach for a year, it would be Jesmonite Making! It is a very versatile material and you can create all kinds of home décor products with it. You can create coasters, trays, plates, candleholders, table tops and many others. It is such a fun material to craft with and is only limited by your creativity! 

We’d love to know more about your workshop attendees! What do you think are some of the key motivators they sign up for a class? And how do they feel afterwards?

My students are mostly ladies in their 20s to 40s, working hard on the weekdays and know how to reinvent themselves during the weekends by joining craft classes like ours. 

One of the key motivators for them to sign up for our classes is that it gives them something new and exciting to look forward to. All of our classes are beginner friendly and after each session, students will have enough knowledge and skills to recreate the craft independently. Some have even turned their new skills into small craft businesses.

What’s the most memorable thing you can think of since you opened your workshop studio?

The most memorable thing is definitely when I’m teaching and connecting with my students. A genuine connection is what makes the experience so memorable. The oldest student I have taught was a 65 years old couple from Sabah and the youngest I have taught was 6 years old. There is never a dull moment when I get to meet these people from all ages and backgrounds. It is the most valuable thing that my business has given me for the past 5 years. 

Apart from your interest in the workshops, it’s obvious that you are also an incredible artist! How did that interest evolve to become Craft at no 7 :)

I guess I was looking for an outlet to share my crafts and to help others like me who have the same interest in arts and crafts but not sure where to begin. I remember when I was 15, I could only find watercolour painting classes in KL. How I wished I had the exposure to what we are having at Craft At No.7 now. 

What would be the theme song of your life, as of right NOW?

Don’t Worry Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin
In every life we have some trouble. But when you worry, you make it double”.
The song reminds us that everyone is worried about something, and we need to take time out to have some happy time.


About the painting, it’s pretty funny how the idea came about. When I was imagining what I would name my future daughter, one of the Icons who came to mind was Frida Kahlo. Having been inspired by her, the painting reflects a strong independent lady but yet has a very feminine side, and a soul connected to nature which helps keep her grounded. Perhaps it’s exactly what I would want my future daughter to be.

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