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Mardhiah and Biebs on redefining self-care

Mardhiah and Biebs on redefining self-care

Relax your shoulder, sit back and enjoy the time as you get to know the dynamic duo behind Lax. Retreat. Get ready to fall in love with these ladies (and of course Lax)

How would you describe Lax in one sentence

Modern self-care experience

Despite the beauty industry being heavily affected during the pandemic, Lax’s online community grew! What are the things you think contributed to the success?

When MCO 3.0 happened, we were on a “no spend” mentality. What we did was we focused heavily on content like visual consultations and creating value through our content. I think that’s why we grew as a community ‘cause that’s the mission from the beginning anyway - to not just deliver services, but also deliver good content around the topic of self-care.

As a community-first brand, Lax. thrives to elevate the personalised self-care experience, why’s that important for you?

Creating a personalised experience is very important as it separates Lax. from others. As I understand, there is no such thing as a saturated market. As much as beauty is commonly perceived as a saturated market, but there’s something more that we can offer to our customers and that is definitely personalisation. That has worked really well and we get a lot of organic growth just from our personalisation.

How do you want customers to feel when they leave Lax.?

Obviously we want our customers to feel relaxed, that's why the name is Lax. There’s a negative connotation to the word relax which means you’re slacking, but we’re trying to put a new spin to the word, Lax. We do want customers to feel Lax. and that they feel that they want to come back! (which is important to us.)

I know it’s hard to choose, but what’s your favourite treatment in your menu?

Our favourite treatment is the Knitty Gritty facial! We worked really hard on the protocols to make sure that we give results and to ensure we deliver in terms of products and efficacy.

We are both in the school of thought where self-care gives results. Yes, what happens on the inside will reflect on the outside, that’s why massages work really well as self-care but for us, we really like something that has instant results. Like you see what you’re getting, the value and the changes that happen physically.

Biebs and I share the same values, in that, self-care can be something that is apparent or internalised it can mean something that doesn’t reflect directly on your appearance - saving up money, drinking a cup of coffee, etc.

Mardhiah wears size S for The Mom Shirt in Red Stripe and Biebs wears size XL for The Mom Shirt in Pink Stripe.

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