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Meet Sara Rashid, the brain behind Phil's Pizza

Meet Sara Rashid, the brain behind Phil's Pizza

If two of your favourite things are carbs and cheese with optional veggies, we got the place for you! Phil's Pizza opened up a new buzz-worthy joints at REXKL. Come and meet Sara Rashid, the brain behind Phil's Pizza.

How would you describe Phil’s Pizza in one sentence

Pizza, soda & giggles!

Despite the F&B industry being heavily affected during the pandemic, Phil’s Pizza flourished! What are the things you think contributed to the success?

I try to cultivate a positive attitude in my team. So when we’re not busy, we always brainstorm with each other for marketing and we try to discuss what is new.. and for my side I try and error in boosting the ads and maintain the quality at the same time. Another thing - it’s very important to create good relationships with customers.

When you decided to open up a pizza place, what was the vision you had for it? What were the pictures on your mood board?!

What I had in mind is yellow, checkered, and big slices. Rollerblades, happy pads, huge posters, community boards, with some sort of neighbourhood announcements.

As a community-first brand, you grew Phil’s Pizza by getting the local designers involved in the creative process. Why was that important for you?

For me I always believe in working in a team and making sure that everyone enjoy the process. I also learn a lot from my side by involving creatives where I get new ideas from time to time. It's also a new platform to showcase their work and give experiences to our customers as well.

Do you have any unconventional tips for brand owners that are looking to grow an engaged online presence?

From my experience, you can't do everything by yourself. Hire creatives and invest in people. Exchange ideas with them. Create collaboration with brands that are aligned with yours. Create simple campaigns that fit your budget. Just be you!

How do you want customers to feel when they leave a Phil’s Pizza outlet?

We want them to have a happy tummy! As much as we want to portray our brand is happy and fresh, our core product has to be good, the rest of it is just a bonus.

If Phil’s Pizza is a song, what would it be and why?

Sara is wearing Mom Shirt in Green Stripes in size M

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