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Meet Aunty Peej and Oja as they shares secret in creating harmonious environment.

Meet Aunty Peej and Oja as they shares secret in creating harmonious environment.

Welcome to SilaRasa, a family owned restaurant that will bring a taste of home to you. Meet the lovely Aunty Peej and Oja, the faces behind SilaRasa.

How would you describe Sila Rasa in one sentence

A taste of home

We can see that Sila Rasa is deeply rooted in family and entertaining - what inspired the vibe and ambience of the restaurant?

The Fadzil's frequently entertain friends & family at our humble home. The vibe & ambience at SilaRasa is made similar, stressing on comfort & homeliness. Very apt with our tagline..."A taste of home".

What's the positive trait that you find after working with one another so closely after all these years?

Oja: The bond we have is priceless. Even though sometimes we don’t agree on some things, haha I feel lucky to be able to always be close to my Mama.

Aunty Peej: How we manage not to get on each other’s nerves! Hahaha…. Seriously, RESPECT. As mother daughter and as co-workers.

Working and living with one another 24/7 can be quite a challenge for many! How do you detach the two to create a harmonious environment?

Oja: It feels natural for us. Since young my parents have always brought us all our and let us tag along with them. We do everything together as a family. My friends are comfortable and close to my parents, and my parents’ friends are close to me too.

Aunty Peej: We have always been a close-knit family. My kids always tagged along to the office and helped when they were big enough. There’s actually not much difference in our working & living environment. I personally practice work-life balance.

Aunty Peej’s teh tarik is considered a staple in Sila Rasa! How long did it take you to perfect the recipe?!

Aunty Peej: It was first introduced 25 years ago at SilaRasa One Utama and was perfected during the first month, with Uncle Fadzil as the tester. He’s the reason I concocted Silarasa’s special teh tarik. We were so proud & happy that the same year, Flavours magazine discovered our teh tarik & proclaimed it the best in town.

What’s the one dish that would go really well with the teh tarik?

Oja: Since our teh tarik is very mild, it goes with everything! Usually our customers even tapau our teh tarik kit back home to enjoy it anytime of the day with any meal or just on its own!

Aunty Peej: Hmmm… this is a very difficult question as it goes well with ALL our dishes.

We know that the f&b industry was heavily affected during the MCO - comes SilaTapau! Tell us a little bit more about how you adapted through it?

Oja: All I can say is, thank god for social media and supportive family and friends! Family & friends have helped us spread the word on SilaTapau. Of course, word of mouth is great, social media played a very important role in helping us reach more customers too.

Aunty Peej: Our story is different. Against all odds, we dared to further venture into the F&B industry with the help of a very dear friend as our events & advertising agency was really suffering. SilaTapau happened before the new SilaRasa opened. It was a product of the MCO. Despite the recurring MCOs, Alhamdulillah we adapted well as we have had experience in the F&B industry.


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