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Discover a potted paradise with Jan

Discover a potted paradise with Jan

Looking for a place to spend your day surrounded by greens, with a cup of coffee and cuddly cats? We got the right place for you! Welcome to Taman Hati, a plant studio owns by the garden fairy, Jan Zainal.

How Would you describe Taman Hati?

Taman Hati is a plant studio that specialises in bringing nature closer to urbanise.

We heard from the grape vine that Taman Hati came from a TV Show

There was a TV Series on Astro Ria titled Taman Hati way back in 2012. It’s also a Malay saying to describe someone who’s fierce looking but is actually very sensitive and soft on the inside. For me Taman Hati has a more literal meaning, it’s the garden of my heart and this is where I grow my love.


What is your favourite corner from the whole space?

This is tough, because every corner in my shop has it’s own character but I guess at the moment I’m loving my Begonia corner which is on top of this antique cabinet that I acquired. There’s lovely light that’s coming from the ceiling, it casts the most beautiful rays over my Begonias especially during the golden hour.


You also have a merchandise corner where the proceeds goes to MIFA animal shelter which is amazing, does that have anything to do with all the cats around the space?

So a lot of people confuse my cafe as a cat cafe, understandably because I’ve got 3 cats in the shop but the merchandise there is actually from MYStraightInk, they make all these handmade items like masks, caps and little bags. This is a social enterprise and part of the sales go to an animal shop. Animal welfare is very close to my heart because all my cats are rescues and I’d like to try and give back my time and resources to helping animals.


As a newbie, what can they adopt first ? That wont die in a week.

I believe there’s a plant for everyone it depends on the space that they have and what kind of commitment they’re prepared to invest. Because plants are just like pets, they need to have some level of nurturing of care so that they would thrive.
I would recommend , Money Plants , Sansevieria, because these are really easy plants. They don’t require too much sunlight, you just have to put them in water. Another plant is the monstera which is trending now or the cheese plant, it’s named that because the leaves are holey like Swiss cheese. So these are good beginner’s plants.


What’s the most memorable thing that you can think of since you opened your plant studio?

Gosh there are so many memorable moments since Taman Hati’s opening. I guess what leaves the best feeling for me is the friends that I’ve made throughout this little business of mine.

I’ve met people who have never thought of being a plant parent and then suddenly became crazy plant people. There were others who weren’t big on cats and they’ve become cat lovers just by hanging around. So it’s those connections that really mean the most to me and it’s all thanks to my little plant business.

Jan wears size S for The Mom Shirt in Seafoam Stripe.

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