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How To (Really) Make 2019 Your Year

How To (Really) Make 2019 Your Year

Have you ever sat down while relaxing and having a cup of warm tea by the window; looking out to the world because another year has come to an end but there’s also the irritating voice in your head pointing out,
You didn’t even accomplish half of your 2018 goals”.
It’s alright, that’s why the Earth rotates around the Sun so you could have another year for your plans. We want to make sure that 2019 will be different and this time, the list that you write at the beginning of the year will be signed as, “Completed” at the end of 2019. Here are some tips to realise your year’s resolutions!
1. Utilising What You Already Have.
Sometimes becoming the new you is also about appreciating what you already have. Are there any good reads in your personal library that you missed from 2018 because you’re too swamped with work? Then, 2019 is the best time to expand your literary knowledge from the very books that you bought or borrowed but never had the chance to read or tying up loose ends from the previous year and even wear the clothes that you’ve been saving up for special occasion yet never wore in 2018.
2. Be One of A Kind
It’s your aspirations and no one else’s so there’s no need to follow what others are aiming for. Is your friend signing up for CrossFit classes? That doesn’t mean that it’s suitable for you if you prefer to jog in the evening at your own pace (while listening to your curated playlist!). A personal goal is for you to experience on your own so find something that makes you a leader and not a follower.
3. Be With The Right People
We know it’s hard not to be with your own crowd but it’s also important to be with the people who understands you and can bring the best in you especially those who can help you with your own target. That means leaving relationships that are toxic and to do it in the most kind and clean way; we really don’t need a bad fight that would severe connections to a point that rekindling a friendship is impossible.
4. Do A Social Media Purge
social media unfollow GIF
In this era, it’s important to make sure that your digital life parallels with your own. Maybe there are moments (some posts or Tweets) that you aren’t proud of and you would like to move on with a clean slate in 2019. It’s all about making sure that you are comfortable even in the environment of an app so you can update your accomplishments to be remembered for the future and to keep you motivated.
5. There is Never A Right Moment
Don’t wait for the right time to come, make it the right moment for you to do whatever you’ve been planning. Find the time even if it’s only for a few minutes to fulfil your goal and it could be in the form of reading a few pages of self-help books in a day, writing down in your journal and maybe compiling and editing your vision board for a bedroom makeover.
journaling sharpie markers GIF by Sharpie
Let’s make 2019 your year so that you can always look back in another 11 months on what you have made and created for yourself and on your own. We will leave you will only two words; good luck!

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