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KonMari Method Series: Tidying Up Before Moving Houses

KonMari Method Series: Tidying Up Before Moving Houses

It’s that exciting yet scary moment when you have to embark for a new home probably in a new town, with a new job and having to meet new people but before going on for that voyage, have you started packing? We know the process of discarding and keeping items especially when you have to move can be tedious so we read and analysed more on Marie Kondo’s KonMari method to give you 5 summarised steps on keeping it tidy and clean when you’re packing.
1) Preparing the Old Home for the New
Sometimes we decide that moving in first would be easier to pile up the stuff we have in the old house to the new area but that would cause delay and procrastination especially when we have established comfort in the new home. So make sure that you’ve finished packing everything from the old house before choosing what to keep or give away when you start moving in.
2) Make a Plan or List 
lazy to do list GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants
Create a list (or if you’re meticulous then you can always make a table) of the items that you want to keep and discard. Don’t panic when there are just too many to sort through because remember that you are already armed with a plan and like the committed person you are, we know that you will get through them!
3) Does it Make You Happy?
 This is somehow a crucial step in the KonMari method (and actually the one that makes us go, “Aww!”) because in order to know what are the things that you should keep; hold the item close to you and ask yourself, “Does this spark joy?”. If the diary that you’ve been keeping throughout your angsty teen phase has caused you to both cringe and smile at the whole experience because you actually lived through it then we say it’s a keeper!
4) Lock and Load
Once everything are prepared for packing and you have decided on what to bring for your new home, it’s time to load the cardboard boxes and the KonMari method recommends that you stack the boxes according to their size. By placing the bigger and heavier boxes near the back of the lorry, truck or trailer, this can avoid them from squashing the little ones and break whatever is inside.
5) Re-Homing The Items
 Don’t think about resettling before you’ve organised everything in its place and throw away (or even better recycle) the boxes you’ve used for moving. Never have the mindset of, “I’ll just keep the stuff in the boxes until I have a use for them” because then you will never officially moved in to the new home and actually never started the journey you’ve been waiting for.  
Here’s to finishing up on packing those suitcases, loading the boxes and to the new you! Oh, and if you found that there’s some space in the closet of your new home, we can help you fill it up when you visit our page on the latest wardrobe pieces.    

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