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Lalitha Wemel

Lalitha Wemel

To be honest, all three of the Whimsigirl's Ambassador Program's core values resonate with me– to inspire, to empower and to evolve. When whimsigirl girl came to me with this ambassador program, it truly resonated with me that all they were trying to do is help. Everyday Malaysian girls see that they can be whoever they want to be. And it is from every different walk of life and every different industry, that you can be whatever you want to be.

I think the concept of role models is a little bit flawed in that I don't think there is just one person that you look up to in an unattainable way that helps you be the best version of you. So I would say when it comes to role models, it's not about one big person that is a superstar or somebody I've never met. There are so many people in my life right now who I talk to on a day to day basis, who are my greatest friends, who are my role models, I look at them in the way that they live their lives. They live it so authentically and openly. And I aspire to be that.



 When I sat down in January, I wrote a lot of little changes a lot of accountable, small steps that I wanted to take this year to be a much more wholesome person. And that includes everything from how many days I wanted exercise and read to financial goals, family goals and relationship goals.

On the other hand, I also started doing these things called gentle goals, which were much bigger, less some tangible things. It included everything from remembering that you're brave and bold.

But the biggest thing that I've done for myself this year is really prioritize my wellness. And that includes everything from seeing a therapist to understanding my level of burnout, to making sure that I am really holding as much space for myself as I hold for others, and making sure that everything I am preaching, I am practicing in some way. 

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