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Nelissa Hilman x Whimsigirl

Nelissa Hilman x Whimsigirl

Guys always wonder why does it take so long for girls to get ready. Well for starters, girls usually have longer hair than guys do (the guys with long hair will know what we mean). The process of drying out our hair already takes up one chunk of our time. Then we have to prep our skin to protect it, especially our faces.
And then the dressing up process begins (which is probably the most time consuming one but can you really blame us, I mean technically girls do have more layers of clothes to wear.)
Whimsigirl believes that looking and feeling good should be simple; that looking your best shouldn’t take a lot of your time and energy. It should be effortless! So we hear you girls and we feel your struggle. Fret not, we have your back!
We collaborated with Nelissa Hilman to come with a few ways to style your Whimsigirl outfits so that you don’t have to spend too much time to figure out your outfit in the morning. We want to give you a little extra time to snooze a little longer (because every extra minute of sleep makes a difference).

Look 1 : Pair your Blue Azura with Black Seri Slides.
This is great for your casual day out because it gives you the casual yet chic and sophisticated look. This look also works well for a lovely night out. The night light will bring out Azura's inner shine and give you a pinch of sparkles when paired with your Seri Sliders. The fun part of this look is you can always pair it with black pants or any pants that matches your blue Azura to have a slightly toned down look. 

Look 2 : Pair your Green Sara with the Blush Pink Sera Low Block Mule.
Need to rush out right after a wedding or doa selamat? Just change your bottom into something pastel to match your Pink Blush Sera and Green Sara. It will give you the perfect balance of a minimal and feminine look, because sometimes less is more.

Look 3 : Pair your Powder Blue Amirah with the Dusty Pink Tessa Pearl Embellished.
Need to keep up with 2 kids? No problem! Now you can hang out while taking care of your children in comfort! The Amirah top is so airy and comfortable that you can even carry 2 child at a time (Yes you read this right girls. It's true!). You can pair your Amirah with a high waisted jeans and tuck it in to make it neater. The Dusty Pink Tessa is super pretty on the outside and it makes your feet feel good on the inside. 

Look 4 : Pair your Red Blue Check Hani with the Blue Teja Sandal.
The Blue Teja Sandal and Red Blue Check Hani is a match made in heaven. The Hani top can be worn as a casual top for weekend or even on a daily basis. Best to be paired with mom jeans or high waisted denim for optimum comfort!


Nuha Anuar

New reason to love whimsigirl. I love reading your blog!

Amira Aida Amiruddin


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