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1 minute with our Everyday Girl: Dyana

1 minute with our Everyday Girl: Dyana

1) How are you feeling right now?
I’m feeling really, really overwhelmed with love by Whimsigirl’s team. It’s really good to be here today.
2) What do you do?
I’m from Kuching and I work for GRAB Indonesia's marketing team, but KL is home to me.
3) A current favourite song on heavy rotation.
I’m SO obsessed with La Vie En Rose, the Lady Gaga version because of The Star Is Born. 

4) What gets you out of bed everyday?
My team in Grab Indonesia because I work with very (3x) talented people and every day whenever I feel like I’m not gonna work or feel lazy, they are the ones who will be my motivation. Because if I get lazy, they will get lazy and I don’t want them to be lazy. So they are my motivation because they are like my family there.
5) Is that your favourite film at the time being?
Yes absolutely. I think I’ve watched it more than 10 times. 3x at the cinema and the others I watch it on board, on the plane.
6) What’s your pick me up routine? This is when you feel physically and mentally drained, what would you do to lift yourself up?
Well, um, I usually… It’s kinda personal but it’s okay. I usually pray and I will talk to all of my good friends on the phone or via Whatsapp, and I will always stay connected with them - tell them what’s been going on. Even me and my husband, we’re on a long distance relationship so whenever I feel down, I will always get on the phone with all the people who are closest to me.
7) Do you have a hidden talent or a secret passion that nobody really knows?
Actually, it’s not really a secret. I can sing! But I think all of my good friends know that. I can cook and oh yes, I love scuba diving. I am a rescue scuba diver! That’s kinda like a level above, so I’m an advanced scuba diver.
8) When did you start?
9) Words that you live by with.
My most favourite quote is ‘Go big or go home’. I live by that ever since I finish school because I’m from Kuching and I’ve always dreamt of moving somewhere besides Kuching and either you be the best or go home, girl.
10) How would you describe your personal style?
I can say that sometimes I’m very street but most of the time, I wear basic stuff. Like khakis and white shirt.
11) What’s your favourite item from the collection so far?
I love the pink one I was wearing this morning! If I were to pick one, it would be that one.

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