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Postcard from Singapore

Hello from the other side (literally). Singapore has long been known as a business hub. However over the past decade, it has emerged as a popular tourist destination. Golden sands, gardens and glamour - they have it all. We asked our friends in Singapore to take us on a trip to their favourite place and discover Singapore through their own lens. Take out your notebook because it’s going to be a long list!

Usha Joy
Little India

What is the reason behind you choosing the location?

Little India is teeming with character. I love coming here to buy fruit & vegetables and fresh flowers from the vendors. You can buy everything here - from daily goods to colourful sarees and accessories. There are yummy Indian restaurants on every corner - I love to end a visit with fresh thosai and a piping hot cup of chai. One should always look up when walking around, otherwise you'll miss the vibrant murals adorning the walls. The area is so full of life and brings me great joy every time I visit.

If a non-local visits Singapore and only has 24 hours to explore, what should they do/go? 

  1. Start your day early with breakfast of choice at Tekka Market and then go mural-spotting in the neighbourhood while watching the city slowly wake up. Don't leave the area until after a visit to the Indian Heritage Centre.

  2. The National Gallery is a favourite, not only for its interesting exhibits but also for its architecture. Head up to the rooftop and stay for a bite and drink with a view of Marina Bay Sands.

  3. Pop over to the East to visit chic boutiques and cool cafes in the Katong/ Joo Chiat area.

  4. Ride a bike or walk along the Esplanade, take a few selfies with the Merlion and make your way down to Gardens by the Bay as the sun sets.

  5. To end the day, Keong Saik Road is your destination for exceptional restaurants and bars.

    Lena Kamarudin
    Woods in the Books

    What is the reason behind you choosing the location?

    Tiong Bahru is definitely one of my favourite spots in Singapore. It has an eclectic mix of cafes, restaurants and shops. Woods in the Books is my favourite children's book store in Singapore. I told myself if I ever wrote a children's book it would be such a dream to see my book stocked here. And that dream came true! I finally published my first children's book Majulah Little Ones: Joseph Schooling last year and it is stocked at Woods in the Books :)

    If a non-local visits Singapore and only has 24 hours to explore, what should they do/go? 

    1. Eat & Shop - all in one place! Arab St is a really charming part of Singapore. It's steeped in history with shops like Nasi Padang Sabar Menanti that has been there since 1929 or local perfume house Jamal Kazura Aromatics which was established in 1933. But there are also new and trending cafes like Arabica Singapore (coffee lovers this is a must!) and Fika which is a halal Swedish restaurant.

    2. National Gallery (former Supreme Court of Singapore which is now a museum of modern Singapore and Southeast Asian art. You can also enjoy a delicious Peranakan high-tea at the tastefully designed Violet Oon restaurant.

    3. Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay. It is a massive air-conditioned glass greenhouse offering themed gardens with many exotic plants.

    Aida Sa'ad
    Victoria Concert Hall

    What is the reason behind you choosing the location?

    I love how the place beautifully blends old colonial architecture with a sleek contemporary elements. Also in my school days, I played in the orchestra and we performed here many times. Being here minds me of the magic of putting on a show. I also love watching theatre, the whole dressing up to watch a performance, going up the grand staircase to the hall entrance, the excitement in the air, red carpets and cushioned seats - it’s all very exciting!

    If a non-local visits Singapore and only has 24 hours to explore, what should they do/go? 

    1. - Haw Par Villa

    2. - Marina Bay area at night

    3. - Lau Pa Sat

    Masturah Khalid
    Raffles Hotel

    What is the reason behind you choosing the location?

    It’s personally my go-to choice whenever I need to take pictures or simply have a cup of good coffee at a quaint cafe that is also situated there. It’s more like a catching-two-birds-in-one-stone situation for me. I will never get bored of its iconic heritage ambiance and the modern renaissance that it entails!

    If a non-local visits Singapore and only has 24 hours to explore, what should they do/go? 

    1. Kampong Glam/Arab Street area. I’ve always believed that food is the heart of life, no matter which city you go to so I would definitely recommend a non-local to try out the variations of food we have at Kampong Glam/Arab Street area. There’s not only malay food stalls you to patronise, but also a range of unique local cafes & dessert shops with different delectable treats! Besides, there are also lanes of artsy stuff and pretty spaces for you to snap pictures of.

    2. Jewel. Another place that they should explore albeit a common recommendation would be Jewel. A one stop place for shopping and sight-seeing, without a doubt!

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