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Fashion buyer, Roselyn Khan on career adjustments, wardrobe staples, and saving money.

Fashion buyer, Roselyn Khan on career adjustments, wardrobe staples, and saving money.

1) Tell us about yourself, in your own words.

I'm Roselyn, born and raised in Malaysia. I'm from a mixed heritage family; my dad is a first generation Pakistani living in Malaysia for almost 40 years and my mum is Malay from Negeri Sembilan. I love being out and about discovering new places, food, people but I also have a very reserved side of me that would rather enjoy alone time being tucked in the comfort of my home. I'm passionate about details and would always strive for the best in anything i decide to embark on - i guess that makes me a perfectionist.

2) What does a typical work day look like for you?

I've been working from home for the past 4 months since March, even after MCO has ended, my company is being very cautious to welcome everyone back to work. So a typical work day has turned 360 not just for me i guess for everyone else, obviously. But it's an extra interesting period for me as i was only a few weeks into my new role in the company when MCO started. It has been a steep learning curve to bring myself up to speed from home on everything relying only on Skype / Zoom calls.


3) For someone that works in a fast-paced industry, how do you avoid burnout?

I don't think I set a very good example for myself in this aspect haha! But I guess a way I'd try manage this is to kill two birds with one stone. Like if I were to cook, I'd make enough to cover for the next few meals so I'll have a break. Or I'll try to pamper myself while I'm working by having a mask on.

4) What advice do you have for someone who’s the dream job is working as a buyer?

Don't be fooled by the glamour. It is not a glamourous job. A lot more nitty-gritty work goes around than browsing through beautiful clothes. Especially in this e-commerce era, you have to equip yourself with Excel formulas, analytical tools to prepare and validate your buys, processing paperwork and agreements, preparing reports to assess the performance of buys and inventory - the list goes on.

5) One way to Develop Confidence in the Workplace

Do your homework to get ahead of things and I think that would manifest in confidence as you'd feel you're prepared to take on the matter.

6) What advice would you give your 21-year-old self?

Focus on myself to be the better version of myself instead of others.

7) A Habit That Has Changed Your Life

Being really disciplined on money, paying off all my obligations and putting aside for savings the first thing when my paycheck comes. This habit has lead me to own my own home, Alhamdulillah.

8) What’s something your social-media followers don’t know about you?

I don’t like to mix food on my plate with different cusines at the same time. I'm a neat eater so no "banjir" for me :)

9) What has been the most valuable fashion tip that you've received?

Build your wardrobe on staples rather than trend; keep it simple and easy, classic & timeless.

10) What superpower would you have and why?

Teleportation as I can travel to anywhere in the world.

11) Who’s your everyday hero… and why?

My dad as I admire his discipline, stability and determination in life. He's my role model to show hard work pays off. He built a decent & comfortable life from almost nothing. And he goes to gym almost every day even though he's in his late 60's! That's something to look up to.

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