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Roselyn Khan defining adulthood in her own perspective

Roselyn Khan defining adulthood in her own perspective

Hi Roselyn! Let’s start with an intro. Who is Roselyn? :)
This is always a question I keep last to answer. But if i have to describe, i’ve just entered into my 30s and i guess i’m constantly on a journey of discovering more about myself. I’m a cat mama to two adorable cats, love cooking and having home-cooked food, can be opinionated and chatty but at same time more private and reserved than you think; you can say I'm an ambivert where “It depends” runs common when you ask me to choose this or that.

What's the one common misconception that people might have about you?
I’m not so sure about this. Maybe that I’m not friendly or too serious. I may show a tough exterior at first but I guess I take some time to warm up to people. I can get quite goofy and animated especially with family or only people I feel extremely comfortable with.

Was there a moment in your past that you think failed, but actually, it has helped you build your present character?
Definitely, lessons often only come from failures. It is easy to feel defeated and to second doubt yourself, everyone deals with it in their own way, but the first step to move on from failure would be to own up to it. The silver lining in facing failure positively is that it’ll only make you wiser and stronger.

Everyone has their own way of finding comfort. What is your form of self-care?
Surrounding yourself with good energy and choosing yourself above all else. This comes from a very personal experience I've endured in the past and I truly understand now how taking heed in that makes a whole difference in your wellbeing. One lighter note, a combo of music, scented candles, long warm showers works like magic :)

You have such a minimal approach to personal style. How can someone start building up their wardrobe, without spending too much?
I think a way to approach this is to see the versatility of the pieces you’d like to own and if it can stand the test of time. I do usually stay on the safer side of fashion, as I’m not so big in experimenting.

One piece of clothing that you regretted buying?
Faux leather skirts/pants – I’ve owned a few and they just don’t last as they start to peel off. The quality and durability of clothing is really important and I hope to learn over time how to choose better.

A flaw you’ve learned to embrace?
Perfectionist. While I do not want to disregard this quality in me completely as it has it’s own merit aside from giving me stress, it matters more to know when it’s good to be a perfectionist and when to just go with the flow.

Biggest goal this year?
I don’t have specific resolutions or goals for this year other than connecting with myself within and doing things that make me happy and give good energy inside out.

Best advice you've gotten?
Is to have faith. Such a basic advice yet it covers everything. To not be afraid of losing what was not meant to be as God’s plan is perfect.

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