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Roshinee Mookaiah

Roshinee Mookaiah

I personally resonate most with the word empower because both in personal and professional capacity, my mission is to empower more young people, especially more young minority women to be able to take up more space, to have more ownership, to have more assertiveness and to have more confidence because by doing so we are building the capacity for them to challenge the status quo and to ensure that our community become more just and equitable for all of us.

I’m very privileged that most of my role models are my own friends and even colleagues within the same advocacy scene for example my good friend Nicole Fong who is a passionate activist. 
I would also say I'm very inspired by someone who keeps me in check, Kura my own boyfriend, who is very passionate about education and making education more accessible to students all over Malaysia. 

I’m making two major changes this year. The first one being the ability to be bold and courageous even if it means ruffling few feathers.

The second change I’m making is to be able to be confident in drawing boundaries and saying no to extra projects or extra opportunities. I think it’s really great to have opportunities of course, but I think this year my priority is to rest and play and I don't want to fill up any extra time or free time that I have with this new project and activity. For the sake of my mental and physical health. 


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