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Sarah Rostam

Sarah Rostam


Whimsigirl have been the embodiment of what we mean by empowerment and what we mean by evolving. You guys, give us the tools to empower ourselves as in the clothes don't define me, I define the clothes by how I wear it, what I wear it to and for, And I think it's more than just the fancy things that you wear that defines who you are.

I'm also really into this idea of, becoming something that we are meant to be. So I really don't believe that we as human beings are static. We're not meant to be stationary. We're meant to evolve. We're meant to constantly change and constantly even change the things that we like. So maybe something that I loved five years ago, I don't love anymore, and it's okay, and we want to have a community and you guys are that community that remind us that we don't have to be the people that we were fighting years ago, and that we can always have the ability to continue becoming.

So obviously, my mom. Growing up, she was a single mom. And for the most part, she was a breadwinner, and she is the breadwinner of our family. And she's, she always puts her children first. She always puts what we want first, and she is a go getter. She's a hustler.

At the same time I admire women like my sisters, they may be younger than me, but I look up to them because they are incredibly beautiful women. These are the women that are in my life and they don't have to necessarily act a certain way or present themselves in a certain way. They they're just themselves. That is to me, what makes a role model, a woman  doesn't showcase that she is a role model.




To be a better listener, to hear what people have to say. And to be kinder, I really, I think the world more than ever, we need true kindness and kindness that that has no expectation, meaning that I don't want to do something for someone and expect them to do it back for me, I want to do something and mean it when I say this is for you, and full stop.

And I think I want to learn to be a bit better about listening to my body and what my body wants, as opposed to, as opposed to fighting my body like learning to appreciate my body and you know, going out, maybe going for a walk. Clear my mind a little bit longer.

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