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Shan Shan Lim: the artist behind our Season of Change jigsaw puzzles

Shan Shan Lim: the artist behind our Season of Change jigsaw puzzles

Get up close with our everyday girls where we discover how each homebodies reimagine their home with comforting rituals.
Tell us a little bit about yourself :)

SSL:  I'm Shan Sham Lim and and I am an artist through and through. I’m in my element when I’m sketching, painting, designing, weaving or doing anything creative. I enjoy travelling, learning the arts and crafts of other cultures, and widening my perspective of the world. 



Every artist has their own creative process, how would you describe yours?

SSL: My creative process stems from spontaneity. I begin each work with a motif and layer more shapes and colours until I reach an overall  balance and harmony. It is in this harmony of all the elements in my work that I feel a sense of freedom and relief. 

Who or what inspires you right now?

SSL: I’m inspired by the year’s end on the horizon. I’m glad to be done with the roller coaster that was 2020 and hopeful that we’re entering the next chapter with a newfound wisdom. I have a list of goals to achieve and dreams to manifest and I’m inspired on a daily basis to take small steps towards them.


What's an important lesson you learned recently? 

SSL: The end of 2020 is especially self-reflective for me. One of the important lessons I have learnt is that validation has to come from within myself, a place that is absolutely genuine and honest.

It is an incredibly peaceful place that allows me to create with absolute freedom and joy without the fear of making mistakes, failing or dreaming big. It is also a fort that protects me from my own ego or constant search for validation externally. That is what I am now working towards, an honest self-acceptance. 


If your week had a playlist to set the mood, what are the top three songs?

SSL: I love listening to gentle music whilst creating.

  • O by Coldplay
  • Of Life and Death by Nicki Wells
  • The Dangling Conversation by Simon & Garfunkel


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