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Siu Lim

Siu Lim

It would be evolve. In order to evolve you will have to continue learning, continue thriving and once you do that, inspiration and empowerment will follow through. 

I would say definitely my parents are my role models because the hard working part is something that i've learned from them. They were the ones that taught me that we don't just work hard, we work smart. So that's coincides because when I work in life i don't just think about working hard,  like i don't just work labour intensive,  I also work smart so that means instead of thinking about the next step that  I do, I think about the next couple steps I do.

Long term wise I always think about being a better person being a kinder person being more of a mindful person and I always think about how to do this in a small way every day so for example like even things like how to smile because I know sometimes we get really frustrated, especially me, I have a lot of my on my plate, I have a lot of things going on. And sometimes I think I'm in my own world, and I forget that there are people around me. And if I just give a little smile here and there to give them my salam, that could actually make a difference in someone's day, because they're probably having a bad day too.

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