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The Inspiration Behind The NONA Collection

The Inspiration Behind The NONA Collection

“As a woman, what would you wear during Ramadan and Raya season in the time of Corona?” 

This season Whimsigirl’s Raya Series, NONA - is addressing all kinds of woes women face during this MCO. Pieces designed for all kinds of body shapes, extending sizing to fit curvier girls and chic pieces for expectant/nursing moms. 


Celebrating this festive season at home means we would turn to functional clothing that work with other existing clothing we’ve already owned in our closet:

  • practical clothing that lets us perform our day to day routines with ease,
  • comfortable clothing that helps us manage our family in this climate 
  • transitional clothing we could wear during this festive season at home casually



NONA’ that translates ‘girl’ which figuratively embodies the spirit of Everyday Girls that cross all walks of life and at any given age we’re always a young girl at heart.

The NONA collection is now available to purchase on

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