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everyday linen shirt

Ways to Wear: The Everyday Linen Shirt

Welcome to Ways to Wear; a series where we show you the convertible options & countless possibilities of your Whimsigirl pieces. The Whimsigirl Team takes on The Everyday Linen Shirt.

1. Easy with a dark pant

"The Everyday Linen Shirt allows so much movement while still looking put together. I would always this ensemble when I'm hopping from one meeting to another."

Height: 152cm / Size: M / Product featured: The Everyday Linen in Pebble 


2. Bold with a matching skirt

“I love dressing up the shirt with a flowy satin skirt – giving me more room to move and breathe in. The bright red doesn’t scare me, it gives me more confidence.”

Height: 155cm / Size: S / Product featured: The Everyday Linen in Terracotta 


3. Classic with a pair of jeans

“The Everyday Linen Shirt in Blush and my jeans has become a power dressing staple in my routine. I love how it contrasts and injects some colour into my wardrobe.”

Height: 163cm / Size: M / Product featured: The Everyday Linen in Blush 


4. Fresh in all white

“I like making white a fun & playful colour. So that’s why I left it untucked – with an earth-toned shawl, gingham pants and white sandals. The next thing I need is a good cup of coffee and a poke bowl.”

Height: 165cm / Size: S / Product featured: The Everyday Linen in White


5. Classic with a navy skirt

“For an office-ready fit, I paired it with my structured navy skirt. I tuck the front hem in & leaving the back out to create a cleaner & polished silhouette. Cuffing the sleeves up slightly makes it feel fitted – like its tailored for me.”

Height: 165cm / Size: M / Product featured: The Everyday Linen in Pebble

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