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Whimsigirl in 2018: A Look Back

Whimsigirl in 2018: A Look Back

You know there’s that sticker on the car’s rear view mirror that says, “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear,” and we can’t agree more on this. Looking back to what Whimsigirl achieved in 2018 from the start till’ the end, we feel that that journey wasn’t too far away and is just within reach so we want to evaluate what we’ve done so that 2019 will be a whole new venture for us (and for you).

  • Rebranding Whimsigirl for All Everyday Girls

    Our goal with Whimsigirl is always to be open and to welcome everyone, every type and every body but we made 2018 the year when we truly made it our brand to be the companion for all Everyday Girls searching to put their unapologetic self out there.



    We deleted all our photos on Instagram from the pre-Everyday Girl era to make some room for the newly inventive Whimsigirl and it has now become the platform for everyone to be apart of and are able to relate to and for us to have a direct connection with all of you.



  • A Very Special Raya Aidilfitri



    It was a special Eid celebration because we designed a line for mothers to match with their children’s outfit that was also our first venture with FashionValet. The wardrobe was featured in our first fashion show at Publika so Everyday Mothers could envision what to wear in the morning while preparing for the day’s festivity.

  • Launching The Capsule Wardrobe

    This is a first for us at making Whimsigirl more than just the store you visit for your Eid shopping, we had the vision to make apparels that you could wear on any day and made for every moment.


    We launched the Casuals Campaign in October with some of the highlights that you learn to love like The Utility Shirt and the Comfy Culotte with the intention of also making the attires as part of a capsule wardrobe. The designs are created so that you can get more looks in a single outfit for a night out or even a day in at the office.

  • Growing with Whimsigirl x ana tomy

  •  This collaboration is important for us in expanding our identity of providing you with our latest and thoughtfully designed apparels to being the name in the place where you write your plans, doodle your desires and reminisce your day for your future self to read.

    We partnered with the masters of customising notebooks and stationery, ana tomy to give you colourful planners for you to carefully schedule what’s to come for the new year and we can’t wait to see your dreams being realised in 2019.   

  • Everyday Girl T-shirt Specially Made in Malaysia

  • During the final months of 2018, we came to launch our own t-shirt designs made in Malaysia to parade our motto of the Everyday Girl. One design is in white with an illustration of an Everyday Girl holding a stalk of flower that is the logo of Whimsigirl while the other is in the colour, Heather Red for passion and boldness.



    This is a shift towards providing a more casual line for our Everyday Girls so they could wear our clothes effortlessly in the sunshine while window shopping or having all of their girlfriends wearing the same design for an outing!

    We want to thank you for being a part of the journey with us in 2018, every step and decision that we’ve made is all done with you in mind. Here’s to more goals to achieve in 2019 (and doing it the way you always do; faultlessly!).

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