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Our Story

Syazana Whimsigirl

Whimsigirl is cultivating a movement of Everyday Girls from diverse age groups and walks of life. Our clothes are an inclusive collection for all the Everyday Girls - the creative girl, the corporate girl, the minimalistic girl, the girly girl, the sporty girl, the expectant mum, nursing mums. Basically every girl out there!

Just like girls, each design is unique in personality and differences. Yet despite their differences, they all share some common qualities, they’re all graceful, pretty yet strong, comfortable and most importantly, free to be whoever and whatever they want to be.

Our pieces are designed to be your OLD FAVOURITES, the kind that you can trust to make you LOOK and FEEL GOOD, time and time again. Our collection is a timeless classic that will always be in style so you’ll never have to worry about it being out of season.

Whimsigirl is the Everyday Girl’s trusted best friend, the one who puts her needs first. We believe that looking and feeling good should be simple because looking your best shouldn’t take a lot of your time and energy - it should be effortless. Whimsigirl is the new fast-fashion. We help girls get ready faster. We design with content and purpose, helping everyday girls be the best version of themselves.

Today, Whimsigirl is a fashion movement. We design and produce easy, comfortable and timeless classics for everyday girls. We also aspire to create a movement of empowered everyday girls to be ever more comfortable in their own skin.



    The brand was founded by a wonderful accident by Syazana Sukiman, an architecture graduate that has an innate passion for little things and everything design. What started as a hobby for Syazana then turned into a home business in 2010 and eventually, Whimsigirl grew to be a design house and now, Syazana takes pride at being a pioneer Children’s Wear designer in Malaysia.

    Seeing how the children’s wear industry is monopolized by big chain stores producing mainstream clothing, Syazana aspired to create an alternative by creating an independent children’s lifestyle brand that would create sophisticated clothing that’s equally playful and comfortable for children. Refused to get sucked into the business of creating clothes that age the kids, instead Syazana vowed to create clothing worthy enough for grown-ups to wish they could be kids again just so they could fit into Whimsigirl’s clothes.

    In 2017, Whimsigirl ventured into women's fashion as well while maintaining our core values of comfortable everyday clothing with a little something extra.

    Us #whimsigirlelves believe that soul is needed in everything we do, from our designs to our brand. When there are happy souls and things are done out of good values and great passion, magic happens.




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